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Analytics & InsightAI_Stats
September 28, 2017

10 Startling Stats about the Business of Artificial Intelligence

Siri... "Here I am" "Call Lola" "Which Lola? Lola Landline Lola Mobile" "Second one" "Calling Lola Mobile" Artificial Intelligence is here and it's going to stay. In the sphere of business, AI is poised to deliver a transformational impact. Though it is already in use across thousands of companies, we…

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Analytics & InsightAI_Chat Boats
September 24, 2017

8 reasons why you should AI-automate your customer service

Word travels faster than light these days over the web. Customers today are picky, edgy and vocal about it too. Combine them both and you have a combination which can make or break your business in minutes. When such is the case, is it wise to go for automation in…

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September 20, 2017

Cryptocurrency for dummies

What is it? Crypto meaning secret or concealed, there is nothing secretive about crypto currency contrary to the name. They are digital currencies that have no physical form. Beyond the noise and press coverage, they are just entries in a database. So every transaction here is traced by a code.…

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Digital Experience
August 28, 2017

Survival of the fittest is search engine law. Is it your content strategy?

I was looking at the various Google search algorithms over the years. As I went through how the search has evolved over the years, I couldn't but relate it to a child's language development. As a baby learns to speak, they will start speaking with just one word sentences like…

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Digital Experience
August 14, 2017

Millennials not responding to your Ads?

Born with a laptop, smart phone or tablet, access to internet & social media, the millennials can be called as digital natives. Be it partying, travelling, studying or simply getting bored, they are live on social media. They shun traditional advertising. It doesn't mean they don't purchase anything but why…

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API & Integrations
August 9, 2017

Going Digital? Beware of the API Management Trap

A few key reflections from the early adopters of API Management Technology that businesses must consider in their quest for digital transformation. IT departments across Organizations are now tasked with the complex chore of helping businesses transition digitally. This includes not only applying new technologies, for instance accommodating Social, Mobile,…

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Cloud & Security
August 1, 2017

Why is cloud compute with Amazon EC2 such a big deal?

The world around us is changing every day, so is our workplace and customer experience. Customers are expecting the best value for money, employees demand great work place & better work-life balance but the tricks & tools of business are pinching the pockets. There is a huge shift away from…

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Cloud & Security
July 25, 2017

Extend your business with Amazon Polly

When he was the age of 5, my son was very interested in anything related to space - Moon, stars, sun, planets, comets, meteors, etc, etc. So I got him a book on space with very colourful pictures and facts about each heavenly body and such. He was crazy about…

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Cloud & Security
July 15, 2017

Rekognize the power of a picture for your business

It's no secret that businesses around the world are obsessed with finding the right words to get their products and services to their customers and prospective ones - but that's not all to the story. You have seen in recent history how pictures can bring words to life before your…

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