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With the current unforgiving online competition, Search Engine Optimization is crucial to enable you to remain afloat. SEO can be expensive for the majority of small and medium businesses. If you are working on a tight budget, these simple to use SEO tools will uplift your rankings to heights you wished for, in every dominant search engine.

1. Speed Insights for Google Page
This will help you to check your speed as experienced in multiple internet devices like smartphones, Ipads, laptops, and PCs. It will also suggest what you can do to improve.
This one is a must-have.You just type the keyword, and you get hundreds of keywords opportunities instantly. You don’t have to tire your brain searching for that elusive word.
3. Serp Ranker Tool
With this simple yet useful tool, you can know where your site ranks in searches engines. The Serptracker tool is a must-have when you are running an SEO campaign.
4. XML Sitemaps
This important tool will come in handy when you want to write a sitemap for your website.
5.  BrowSeo
Everyone would like to see how a search engine sees their site. With this tool, you can do that and improve whatever is dragging you down.
6. SEO site checker
This is an essential editor for your site: It will study and highlight any errors in your site for correction.
7. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer
This dashboard will let you know how you fair in Search Engines and the rankings.
8. Find Broken Links
This is a valuable companion when you want to update your site since it will discover for you all broken links so that you can improve your SEO ranking.
9. Ahref’s Site Explorer and Backlink Checkup
These unbelievable tools will review your website pages and links and come up with a comprehensive overview of your improvement.
10. Copyscape
This is a famous tool for content writers. It will highlight intentional or unintentional plagiarism for you. You no longer have to worry about double content.
11. Moz toolbar
This is a great tool since it gives you every SEO insight for your website.
12. Robottext Generator
This robotic tool will command the website robot on what to do with a specific page. For example, it can command a page to be skipped, and this will be done without delay.
13. Microsoft SEO tool
This helpful tool will study your site, and come up with recommendations on how you can improve your website.
14. Google Search console
This handy tool will let you visualize how your website will appear in Google search. This information will help you to improve your content before publishing.
15. Bing Webmaster tool
Bing controls 20% of internet traffic. With this tool, you will know how your website is appearing on Bing.
16. Schemer creator
With the help of this tool, your site will appear just as you want it to look in search engines.
17. Similar Web
This tool is a must if you’re facing stiff competition. It will enable you to compare your site with that of your competitor.
18. Quicksprout analyzer
This superb tool takes it all: It will give you a full analysis of almost everything, from speed to tags, to links. It will also attach a score to each parameter.
19. Google Trend
This will let you know which keyword is trending on the internet so that you can maximize on it.
20. Google Keyword Planner
By just typing your keyword, this a fantastic tool that will give you useful stats to aid you in your keyword strategy.
21. Open Site Explorer
Since links are vital in SEO, this tool is crucial since it will analyze all your links and offer useful suggestions. It works well for all search engines.
22. Webmaster tools for Google and Webmaster for Bing
These tools will let you know how the two giant search engines regard your website.
23. Google Analytics
This one tracks traffic in your website and suggests keywords which your visitors are likely to use to land in your page.
24. Moz Local Listing Score
This incredible tool runs through all the search engines and displays, through a graph, your website listing. You can, therefore, select and improve any anomaly you may find. You don’t have to use all the above tools to realize your SEO goals. Grab the one you feel will fulfill your current needs, and you can be sure you will swim in the sea of online success in no time. Best of luck!

Jean Jennings

Written By Jean Jennings

Jean Jennings is the content manager of Serpbook. Serpbook is an online platform that gives you information about everything you need to monitor, automate and report on your keyword rankings. It also provides you with local and global SEO rank tracking in real time for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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