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When it comes to startups, there is nothing tastier than a food startup. While tech startups might be a popular topic in the startup world, it’s food startups that are innovating and getting traction as they fight it out to be the big cheese in the culinary world, especially in Asia and Australia. 

There are plenty of up and coming food startups in Asia and Australia that are changing the way we eat and the food industry performs from CRM technology through to lightning-fast hawker food delivery. The state of the food industry is changing thanks to technology, and there is much to be excited about in the food space. Here are 4 food startup you need to keep that you need to know.


If you’ve ever traveled throughout Asia, and in particular Singapore, you’d know that hawker markets are the place to eat and enjoy delicious food. WhyQ is a Singapore-based on-demand food marketplace and app that works to connect consumers with their favorite independent hawker stalls. 

Traditionally a market-based experience, WhyQis bringing the delicious food of hawkers markets and home delivery to their customers across Singapore. The app even offers delivery for corporate events and meal plans and allows users to gift a meal to a friend and purchase from food courts, coffee shops, and restaurants.


Born out of a desire to offer home-dining and dinner party options to clients without the need for the actual cooking, Gathar was founded by Jodie Mlikota, Nicky Jurd, and Kaj Haffenden. After securing $600,000 in seed funding, the startup connects chefs with parties, allowing the dinner party hosts to enjoy the event without the need to lift a spatula or stir risotto. 

Launching in 2018 in Far North Queensland, the business firstly focused on Cairns and Port Douglas before expanding to 10 locations across Australia. According to news reports, Gathar successfully navigated through COVID-19 and is expanding the business.


Another great startup making waves in the food world is Go-Jek, based in Jakarta, the app is a platform that connects consumers to courier delivery food as well as hail and ride services. 

Operating in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, the company is one of the largest food delivery services and also has services that deliver medicine and groceries. The company is now considered a super app offering 20 services on its platform. 

Signature Snack

Malaysian startup Signature Snack started out with a goal to deliver healthy Malaysian snacks to the community over five years ago in an effort to encourage weight loss across the corporate and general community. 

Similar to a subscription box, the concept offers snacks that help to streamline eating habits and ensure consumers are staying healthy by consuming nutrient-packed snacks such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Snacks are roasted on-site and packed in Ziploc bags for freshness. The packs are available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly subscriptions with a sliding scale of discounts based on the subscription length. 

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