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Integration of data analytics software into a marketing strategy helps businesses outperform their competitors. For those who are still not part of it, I have stats to show. A study  reveals that

  • About 65% of consumers want real-time interactions.
  • 7 in 10 consumers admit technology has made easier to take business elsewhere.
  • Only 15% of enterprises have advanced analytics, tools, and techniques in place to engage with customers digitally.
  • With fierce competition in every field,  customer uncertainty and retention has fundamental for organizations worldwide. A new statistics note that 5% increase in customer retention means
  • 25% increase in return on investment and customer acquisition is harder than customer retention. Marketers, sometimes neglect established prospects in the wake of courting new business.                 

When a customer withdrawal its projects, it’s a signal for organizations to redesign their sales, marketing strategy and optimize customer service efforts and deploy the groundwork to develop strong relationships.

Salesforce is taking data analytics to a new level by helping businesses to refine their marketing strategies aligned to their customer’s goals. Moreover, companies have begun to take Salesforce training to understand how data can help them in the future. Let’s discuss how it contributes to win prospects and turn them into customers in a way they like.

Personalized experience can retain them

Your key information systems, for example, marketing automation platform, analytics platforms, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and even enterprise performance management (EPM) systems are the sources of your important customers’ information that can guide you about their preferences and choices. With lots of data at your disposal, how would you implement it? You can integrate all data into your  Salesforce optimize communication to solve their queries faster.

A personalized communication is a key to win their loyalty.  Position yourself better amongst your customers by evaluating the data tracked by other tools such as search history to those customer’s contact records in Salesforce. Using this data, Sales and Marketing teams can develop emails and pitch customers in a better way. Moreover, your customers would open your emails as they would know that they would receive offers to their interest.

Answer their questions on Social Media

Research claims that a company suffers a 15% increase in churn when failed to respond to customers through social media channels, therefore; you do not have an option but to be responsive on social media. If your customers ask you questions on Facebook, answer them on Facebook.

Twitter’s Advanced Search feature helps you track these interactions, but that is extra work you don’t want to stick in. An app that can do the heavy lifting for you is Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook. How does it work? All messages relevant to your business are what this app collates at one place so that you won’t miss timely messages. Moreover, you can perform research according to keywords

You can also search based on keywords and set the feed to refresh at fixed intervals. You can either respond to a message by hitting the “reply” button or insert an automated response.

The Salesforce dashboard allows you view customer social profiles. You can use this to add a personal touch to conversations with your contacts. Make sure you walk through their social media profiles just before important meetings with them to get to know what interests them the most. If you have something in common, then use it as a touchpoint and build a rapport.

If your customers feel comfortable when you interact with them, they are most likely to stay in touch with you.

Keep your focus on key points to Retain

Feed your potential customers with personalized content and great customer services to keep them stay with you longer. This can significantly improve the customer retention rate while reducing the churn rate with personalized communication.

Salesforce eases the tracking of every customer interaction and their buying behavior that further helps business to resonate better with them. A wide variety of modern systems helps an organization to log a customer service issue while taking instant actions to resolve on the spot.

If they are inactive doesn’t mean you will leave them

Why don’t you make inactive customers active? Yes, inactive customers can be a big opportunity. Though you consider it counterintuitive as customers, who haven’t shown activity in some time or cancelled your service are likely to make a purchase compared to net new prospects who don’t understand your services.Writing an email regarding cancelled customer off is a wrong step. If you have a sizable list size of inactive customers, you can connect Salesforce with your marketing automation tool send that list as its segment for follow-ups.  


Customer retention impacts your revenue in many ways. With lots of marketers trying to convince your prospects, they are like to buzz away if something better comes along.

A savvy marketer is one who knows how to harness the power of data to drive personalized customer experiences and adds value to their lives. Understand the importance of small and personal touches to make a long-lasting relationship.

Varun Datta

Written By Varun Datta

Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which is the most innovative one. It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.

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