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We all know the chirpy ‘Tweets’ – the 140-character text messages that is currently being used in a big way for all sorts of news reporting, advertising, celebrity propagation, product promotion and even business engagement.


Those who work in social media truly understand the significance of each of these characters. For they are always trying to create these pen-ultimate, crafted to perfection, chiseled to precision words that can steer the intended engagement, or capture the targeted followers imagination.


But really, how does one go about creating the so-called perfect tweet?


Here are some scientifically proven ways to help you –


Capture with so much star wattage that it’s almost blinding


This selfie just did that.


Sometimes being blunt gets you the results

If you don’t ask, you don’t find. This expression can be applied to tweets too.


Though it may sound practical, but more people are likely to share if you give them a nudge with what is known as the use of ‘imploring words’.


For instance, by means of words such as ‘RT’, ‘retweet’, ‘spread the message’, or ‘please’ can be used to capture interest that can be influential in increasing the RT numbers.


As we said, sometimes being blunt is what gets results.


Fundamentally, your audience should benefit with information

With your tweets you should try to propagate an increase in social value exchange. That means, if you give your audience new or unknown knowledge which they find useful, they are more likely to share them between their followers.


While there are various conflicting premises relating whether the tweet length should be short and crisp; or should it contain more information. But, this is no true indication on how informative or retweetable the tweet would be; so a balancing is what is required.


Be community wise

Your tweets should closely mirror the trends seen in today’s market and your community in general.


The style and comprehension should reflect the colloquialism of your industry, which means your ideas more likely be received by your audience and shared by them.


Use compelling newspaper-like headlines

Did you ever mull on the news-piece that captured your attention today ?  That’s the influence of compelling headlines. They quickly capture the key points of a story in such a way which deliberately entices you to read on.

Tweets are also contained sentences, which, if made captivating, can persuade people to retweet.


Wisdom tweets that are general in nature   



Tidbits of wisdom or leadership in 140 character bites can turn to a motivational guidebook for your followers. General messages of courage, love and kindness encourages people to have hope and faith in life’s challenges and moments, and also keeps those RTs coming.




Written By Nithya

Nithya is a MARCOMM consultant at Codelattice. She is busy conquering the Kingdom of Content and blogs for Codelattice. Her interest areas include Social Media, Lifestyle and Commerce. Connect with her through

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