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In spite of the initial apprehensions among digital theorists, Google+ is here to stay.

If used the right way, it is a great platform to leverage brand success, and to create a rather engaged following.

Research suggests that users also find its environment rather refreshing as compared to say, Facebook and other popular social platforms.

Taking this into consideration, social marketers are now joining the bandwagon in search of creative ways to get more out of their campaign.

Here are the top 5 G+ tools worth considering –

  • Using the Post Editor for Google+ to Write more Engaging Posts

Marketers love the post formatting options that Google+ provides. This feature allows users to format posts and make use of text editing features such as bold, italics and strikethrough right within Google+. It also allows you to add symbols. The only downside of this feature is that since it is a Chrome extension, you need to be working on the Google+ page only using this browser.

  • Scheduling your Posts with Timing+


By simply logging into Timing+ and signing in with your Google+ account, you will gain access to a rather detailed analysis of your last 100 posts.

This is a great tool to give you a fair idea on the ideal time to publish. While there are other factors to take into consideration such as whether you are tagging other users that are influential, this tool can help act as a bench line.

  • Following the Right People using CircleCount

This is another free tool that helps you gain some clarity on the Google+ platform. It allows you to track your followers and gain significant indication on your progress on the network.

You can also find relevant users to start engaging with. Morevoer, you can categorize users into topical areas and get extra information on them or find links to their social profiles on other pages.

  • Steady Demand Pro for Detailed Reporting

This platform has been providing Google Plus related services for quite some time. Here, you gain some incredible insights through its ability to track your competitors and its capability to provide you guidance on how you can improve your results. You can subscribe to it at a cost of USD 12 a month.


  • Identify Valuable User Statistics with All My+

If you are hunting for detailed information on a specific user, All My+ is a great tool to consider. Not only it provides comprehensive information that includes factors such as an individual’s posting behavior per hour or per week day, you can also track people that are actively re-sharing content by specific users.

With the help of the right tools, your Google+ campaign can prove to be more engaging if not better than other more popular social platforms.

Good Luck!


Written By Nithya

Nithya is a MARCOMM consultant at Codelattice. She is busy conquering the Kingdom of Content and blogs for Codelattice. Her interest areas include Social Media, Lifestyle and Commerce. Connect with her through

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