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5 Ways to Boost Your IT Career in the Age of Automation

Nowadays, it seems that there’s an app to fix any problem and pretty soon it seems that there will be a robot to complete every crucial and menial task faster than its human counterparts. While the “I, Robot” scenario is years if not decades away, there is no denying that automation has been around for a while now and that companies around the world are increasingly using advanced software and robotics to automate and expedite many mission-critical processes. Unsurprisingly, people are becoming a bit worried about their job security and their livelihood, and for a number or reasons.

So, how do you fit in all of this? It seem a bit daunting to be moving towards an age of complete digital transformation, especially in the IT sector where innovators are constantly rolling out new tools and solutions to handle various IT tasks, but in reality, you as an expert in the field have a unique opportunity to thrive. You simply need to follow the right steps to long-term success, so let’s take a look at the best ways to boost your IT career in this age of automation.

Apply for company advancement programs

If you’re currently employed in the IT sector and are working for a medium-sized or large company, chances are that the top management is already investing in smart technologies, digital transformation, and company-wide automation. This might seem like the bosses are trying to replace you with an easy-to-use piece of software in a few months or years, but chances are that they are simply trying to create a more effective and efficient work environment. 

In fact, many AI-driven solutions directly overlap with IT positions and sectors like cybersecurity, big data, digital product development, and other technologies. This is your chance to lead the way for automation and leverage smart solutions to make your job easier and more productive, so be sure to enroll in any associated advancement programs that your company is offering to get its teams ready to use these tech solutions.

Research new employers thoroughly

When analyzing new job opportunities on the competitive job market, it’s no longer enough to analyze the employer for its company culture or the perks and salary they offer to new arrivals. Nowadays, you have to include automation in your analysis in order to find the right employer for you. This means that you need to pose the right questions during your interview to discover how automation fits into the company and how it will affect your future with the brand.

What you might find is that the employer is only looking to fill the position temporarily until they outsource your job to a smart app and a team of automation experts. This is definitely not a job position you should take. On the other hand, you might find out that the employer is currently investing in automation to make your work more meaningful and impactful, which is a great way to climb the IT and corporate ladders.

Find a niche that requires human ingenuity

You might think that the key to surviving in a time of mass automation is to fight the change, but fighting the inevitable is never the answer. Instead, you should take advantage of this change and strive to make yourself indispensable to any employer and the job market as a whole. There are some IT positions that will fade in the wake of digital transformation, but there are those that will always require human leadership and ingenuity, like managing cloud computing technologies.

For example, even though Amazon Web Services pioneers the integration of automation tools, the company still offers comprehensive AWS training courses to aspiring cloud experts because they know that cloud computing and its various processes will always require a human presence. The key takeaway from this is that you should find niche occupations, like cloud computing or cybersecurity, that are indispensable to global brands in an age of software and hardware automation.

Work on your soft skills and communication

If there is anything that artificial intelligence can’t replicate with accuracy just yet, it is seamless human interaction, and that is something that business leaders are always looking for. This is why you should not only make yourself indispensable though your unique IT skillset, but also through your softs skills, professional and personal communication, and leadership. 

Remember, people might be able to automate a part of your job, but a machine will never be able to match your creativity or your talents when it comes to networking and making lasting deals and partnerships in the IT sector – which is the foundation of long-term business growth. 

Become an automation expert

Lastly, you can always redirect your career path to become a full-time automation expert and an innovator for companies around the world that are trying to bring better software and hardware solutions to the market. Given the fact that you already have a knowledge foundation in the IT sector, you can leverage your experience and skills to help create automated solutions for a variety of IT applications and thus become a leader in the field. 

Wrapping up

Automation is the future of the commercial and residential realms, so instead of dreading it, now’s the time to use it in order to advance your career in IT. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem building a thriving career in the age of global automation.

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