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AI applications are developing by leaps and bounds globally. Every day every industry is coming up with a novel of delivering great customer experience with AI. It is no different in online shopping irrespective of the industry. Brands today use chatbots to instantly communicate with their customers and resolve issues of multiple channels such as ecommerce, website, mobile apps, etc. Chatbots can immediately meet your customer’s personal needs and create an exciting shopping experience. Here are some ways to get chatbots help you in your online store.

  1. Managing your ecommerce:

Chatbots can be programmed to keep track of your online inventory to let you and your customers know when a particular item is out of stock. Similarly it can be programmed to inform your customers when the item is back in stock. The effort, time and money required to manage your ecommerce is reduced significantly by use of these intelligent bots.

      2. Personalized shopping experience:

Always available, self-learning AI and MLS equipped chatbots can intelligently interact with your customers and learn more from every interaction. Merging historical data with sophisticated algorithms, chatbots can profile your customers better. Profiling customers is the right way to personalize services and provide products/services that meet their personal tastes. Chatbots can assist your customers find the right products, offer the right deals to tempt, help with the purchase and payment process. 

      3. Reduce customer service costs:

Chatbots can easily manage a conversation about purchase, returns and exchanges. It can keep track of customer data, provide appropriate suggestions and provide non-urgent support round the clock. It can be programmed to respond in multiple languages to cross the language barriers. Thus chatbots help you provide excellent customer service in a highly cost-effective manner. It also makes the job easier for your employees by handling repetitive tasks and saving data from every interaction for better customer insights.

      4. Boost marketing strategies:

Chatbots record every conversation and collect all data points. This can be very helpful in analyzing the trends to capitalize by making product/service adjustments or planning marketing campaigns. The buyer personas can be very helpful in framing the right deals/offers to increase customer engagement.

      5. Increased conversions:

Chatbots can be programmed to only provide a highly customized buying experience but also to guide your buyers down the sales funnel. Chatbots can be made to get data from various sources and past history to upsell/cross sell products and offer deals/discounts, thus influencing the customer’s buying decisions. It continuously learns from every interaction to provide a quality interaction over time. It can make shopping a fun experience for customers and also increase conversions through personalized support.

Chatbots are expected to be embedded in almost all interconnected devices and fundamentally transform all interactions to create a new dimension of customer experience. Is it any wonder then that businesses around the world are investing heavily in this space to leverage its potential?


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