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It has often been said that winning new business clients and customers over is a less stressful task and process than retaining the ones you already have. This is because after a customer has been won over, there are yet many factors to be considered in ensuring that they remain satisfied enough by the services your business offers them.

Nevertheless, as easy as it might sound to win customers for business growth, it is still a skill that needs to be mastered. How well can you introduce your business to a prospective customer? Do you have what it takes to have and keep their attention? All these factors and more influence the overall outlook on the level of success and business growth to expect from your business.

Laid out below are five  ways to win customers for business growth:            

1. Understand your customer base

You might wonder what customer base is being referred to here. Not the pre-existing base, but your potential customers. What sort of things do you expect your customers to like? What activities do you think they would prefer (as regards your business)? The world is very competitive these days, so you may need to garner ideas from your business competition. What are they doing right? How can you do it better? When you are trying to get customers and clients, you need to focus on what they may or may not like and how you can satisfy these needs. You can only have an idea about how to answer these important questions by doing adequate research on your customer base. When prospective clients and customers see that what you offer matches their desires, it just might be enough to win them over. Focus on highlighting your competitive advantage, instead of imitating the rest of your competition.

 2. Networking Effectively

In this present day and times, the world is now at your fingertips. With just a few clicks and buttons you have access to individuals in the farthest regions of the earth. The world has now become a global village, so you really have no excuse as to why you cannot network to win customers for your business. Networking is very important because it helps you to understand the changing dynamics of your business world, it helps you to build new relationships with people who can introduce you to new customers and even larger business opportunities and deals.

3. Create and Explore New Marketing Channels

If you know your client base well, you can tell that what is suitable for A, is not usually suitable for B. Different people are interested in different things. It is the same thing when it comes to marketing channels. What suits one may not suit the other. Instead of narrowing down the marketing opportunities to one sector, why not try out other areas? For example, if you own a local food business that caters to only those in your local area, have you looked at the opportunity of adding a food delivery option for customers in further distances? Try to carve out new opportunities from everything around you and watch your customer base open up and flourish.

4. Try a Different Pricing Method

How long have you been stuck on those prices without a substantial customer base? Have you considered that your prices may be too expensive for a lot of people? A good way to attract new clientele is by offering a lesser priced version of whatever you’re offering without selling yourself short. A good way to do this is having a ‘lite version’. Here you offer a  product that is similar to your high-priced product but with possibly less features and functions. This way, more people have a shot at buying your products.

5.   Stick to your Promises

Don’t promise to offer Quality product ‘A’ and go-ahead to present Rundown product ‘F’. Keep your words and deliver your promises of quality services and products. When your existing customers can vouch for your reliability and trustworthiness, you would start to reap the rewards of your hard work. They start to refer others and pull in more customers made up of their friends and families. Everyone wants good services!


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