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Human beings are social animals and have always been fond of jotting things down, even 6000 years ago. So it is no wonder that you have felt the need to blog your thoughts now. Guest blogging means writing articles or posts for other websites and is the best online marketing strategies you can invest in. It lets you share your experiences/expertise to build your authority and gain backlinks to your own website. Here are some tips for your guest blogging.

1. Start with a compelling, strong introduction:

Introductions to a blog can be of many types but some which really grab attention are

  • Quote – Starting with a quote on the topic is really an effective way of getting attention especially if it is controversial or contrarian.
  • Statistics – Everybody loves trivia especially if it is a fun fact and that is why this is the most commonly used way of introductions in a lot of marketing articles.
  • Stories – Humans are naturally interested in stories and a good story told well could be gripping.
  • Questions – This way of introduction could be powerful in telling the reader the gist of the article with a single question and hence impel them to read to find the answers.

Each of these introduction methods is not without pitfalls. Also not every method suits any topic. Care should be exercised in determining the method of introduction as a good introduction is half the battle won in case of blogs.

2. Put quality content

Blogs are written to be read; hence the content should be top-notch and adding value to the readers. To understand what interests your readers, check for leading blogs in your industry. Learn about the successful blog nuances such as style, tone and topics of interest. Editors have less time to proof read, hence any kind of typo or grammatical mistakes will get you a negative response. Make your content typo and error free to pass the test. Also the things you put in your blog should be validated with examples, quotes or statistics to add credibility. Remember your content could include video or info-graphics to make it more interesting. 79% of the content gets rejected because they are too promotional, so exercise caution while promoting your products or services. It helps to compare and state how your product or service can help rather than passing judgement. Always remember that your content can undergo massive revisions or additions from the editor’s perspective.

3. Where to publish?

Use Google to find out sites which publish guest blogs in your area of expertise and make a list. Check the traffic and domain ratings of each of them using tools like Moz Rank Checker and Similar Web. Now it will be easier for you to highlight the best fit for launching your guest blog.

4. The art of pitch

The quote “When we are selling our ideas, the audience must first buy us” tells us the importance of pitching our article to the publisher. Editors know their audience well but are always in a hurry. They can also spot a weak/duplicate article in a jiffy. So make an effort to give as many details about your professional background to have a chance. Introduce yourself giving details about your work, experiences and other relevant details. A photo and a full name with references add credibility. Suggest a few topics and include links to your published materials.

5. Try till you succeed

Your first attempt could have been a failure but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful blogger. Follow up to ensure your message reaches the right publisher. Follow the blog guidelines of the publisher strictly. If your content is good, try editing or rewriting it, till it is accepted.

6. Take the next step

Once your first blog is successfully published, try to add more up your sleeve. Check for the trending topics and choose topic for your blog very carefully. Use a different strategy for every blog, so that neither the style nor the content becomes stale.


Written By Nithya

Nithya is a MARCOMM consultant at Codelattice. She is busy conquering the Kingdom of Content and blogs for Codelattice. Her interest areas include Social Media, Lifestyle and Commerce. Connect with her through

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