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Cloud Marketing

Cloud marketing has become a real game-changer in the field of digital marketing. Today, there is hardly any online business that does not offer some kind of digital marketing, even if it is as simple as email marketing. Larger and more sophisticated players have a complete suite of tools such as Shopdev to use cloud marketing to achieve their business goals. It is very important to have a clear strategy as well as useful tips that will help your business to get the most out of your online marketing efforts. 

  1. Make data your most valuable resource 

Cloud marketing offers so many benefits to the online marketer but all of this is of no use if your business is not making the best use of customer data. Data lies at the core of your marketing strategy. Collect it in the most efficient way possible and make sure that you use it in the creation and execution of your marketing strategies. For example, when you map out customer journeys, use data customer feedback and focus groups to understand their pain points and concerns.

  1. Use social media 

There is hardly any customer nowadays who does not use social media. Facebook and Instagram have become important platforms where customers learn about products and share their experiences with others. Hence, as a cloud marketer, you must be also present on this platform. Create content that your customers and audience will share easily and that will trigger their share responses instantly. It should also be user-friendly as well as device friendly since a lot of people are consuming content on a mobile device as opposed to a large desktop.

  1. Use influencers

One of the biggest tools of a cloud marketing strategy is social media influencers. They play such an important role in getting people to like your product and give it a try. They can also be very helpful in satisfying your customers if there is any controversy or confusion regarding your product in the market. Use these influencers and champions and advocates for your online brand. You should also find out those influencers who are vocal about the negative aspects of your product and get them on board to find ways of improving the quality of your product and customer experience. 

  1. Stay on the crest of new technologies

New technologies are flooding the market at such a fast pace that if you cannot keep up with it your customers will leave you far behind. Most of the target audiences for cloud marketing are Millennials who are extremely quick to pick up on new technology trends. Hence, it is necessary that you also continue to learn about these technologies and invest your resources into developing them for your cloud marketing programs. 

  1. Focus on values

This might seem a little irrelevant to the topic but the audience of cloud marketing is extremely values-driven. They care deeply about causes like environmental protection, human rights, and a sustainable economy. Hence, you must include a message about what your product or company is doing to help these causes in different markets around the world. You will find that almost half the audiences in your cloud marketing campaign will respond positively to your values-driven campaign.

  1. Focus on awareness and education

Because of the low costs of cloud marketing, it offers you a good opportunity to educate your customers about your product. Put your best foot forward and inform them about the initiatives you are taking, the history of your company, any achievements you have made so far, and how your products are safer, better and environmentally cleaner than the competition. Such steps go a long way in building loyalty among your customers. 

  1. Increase your touchpoints

With a strong cloud marketing strategy, you can increase the number of touchpoints where you engage with your customers. Young customers are very vocal about their preferences and it is better if you channelize those comments in the form of constructive feedback to your own company rather than to another platform. In this way, you would increase the effectiveness of your communication and will be able to prevent any adverse spillover effects of any defect or problem in your product or service. 


With these tips, you can make your cloud marketing strategy even more effective while reaching out to a more receptive and engaged audience. Being consistent and adaptable is the key to becoming a successful cloud marketer. 

Jessica Stone

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