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Cloud computing is no more an alien term today. It is actually redefining how businesses run. The youth is not scared of any challenges and are willing to take up any new thing coming their way, even if means jumping from traditional to hi-tech stuff.

Ever wondered how people who succeed have reached there? Did they believe in change or they just took that mundane lane? Those are the adventurous sort! They took the path less taken.

Now that we have got all this gyaan, let’s understand in simple terms what it is all about:

Cloud transformation is revamping old to new. To put it straight it means to transform your old manual systems to new tech-savvy ones.

So, which are the industries that have taken the lead here?


a) Netflix: One of the giants in the entertainment industry and reason behind the shutting down of CD rentals. They are also working on reducing the usage of mobile data for viewing their content.

Fast Food

a) McDonald’s: One of the most loved fast food chains in the world. It is where it is today due to customer satisfaction. It is for all to see how quick their process is for ordering food.

b) Swiggy: Our friend for those late night hunger pangs. Utilizing the data is their forte.


a) Walmart: Walmart is known for its customer interaction. They are investing mainly in getting customer data to understand the buying needs of the customers.

b) Amazon: Apni dukan is all about advanced technologies. Can you imagine using Drones delivering your parcels? These guys have made it a reality.

How Do We Go About It?

1. Identify, Identify and Identify

Want to enhance customer experience? Want to reduce cost? Want your operations to work more efficiently? You need to figure out what exactly you want out of the new development.

2. Learn the Tricks

To survive you need to hunt. To keep up with the growing demands you need to make the internet your best friend and keep up with the developments.

3. Foresee the Future

Envision the requirements of the future. Be updated what is required now and what will be needed tomorrow.

4. Be Insightful

Have a vision and let that vision lead you. Figure out strategies to evolve and evolve for good.

5. Grow with Your Growth

In the beginning, it’s all about just starting it somehow, but as you progress to figure out your strengths and grow with it.

6. Be Prepared to take a Step Back

Like it is said never leave your roots, same goes here. Be prepared to go the traditional way if new is not working out in your favour.

    It is always a good idea to have a second option ready. Having it backed by money is icing on the cake. Always have options available along with your goals and be open to change. Cloud is the in thing today and people are embracing it like never before.