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AI & Analytics
December 13, 2017

6 Questions to ask yourself before you build a chatbot

Chatbots are getting more popular with many businesses and there is no denying that they are great attention seekers. Chatbots has enormous potential in delivering a great customer experience and help you offload some of the monotonous work to capable bots. If you are about to take the plunge, ask…

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AI & Analytics
December 6, 2017

Chatbot Ethics and why every business should follow it?

The world is spinning faster these days. Speed in customer service is the need of the hour and businesses are employing all available technologies and processes to cope up with the customer need. Chatbots are an effective way of automating customer service and freeing up valuable resources for other important…

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AI & Analytics AI_Stats
October 20, 2017

10 startling stats about the business of Artificial Intelligence

Siri... "Here I am." "Call Lola." "Which Lola? Lola Landline Lola Mobile." "Second one." "Calling Lola Mobile." Artificial Intelligence is here and it's going to stay. In the sphere of business, AI is poised to deliver a transformational impact. Though it is already in use across thousands of companies, we…

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AI & Analytics AI_Chat Boats
October 1, 2017

8 reasons why you should AI-automate your customer service

Word travels faster than light these days over the web. Customers today are picky, edgy and vocal about it too. Combine them both and you have a combination which can make or break your business in minutes. When such is the case, is it wise to go for automation in…

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AI & Analytics
May 25, 2014

Data mining & decisions for a dynamic business

We are living a rapidly changing world. Yesterday’s craze is fast becoming today’s waste. If this is the status of the product lines, do we need to say anything about the businesses behind them? It’s imperative for businesses to not only stay afloat but find profitable ways to ensure business…

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AI & Analytics Analysis
April 26, 2013

What is predictive analysis and how can it help solve business problems

Surveys show that 60% of organizations that made use of predictive analysis tools were able to solve their problems timely, as against the average of 46.2 hours spent every month in critical problem solving scenarios with no support of predictive tools.   Over the recent years, “Predictive Analysis” as a…

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