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We’ve come a long way.. from #AndroidCupcake to #AndroidMarshmallow!  Android has preferred a confectionary theme based name in an alphabetic order since 2008, based on their Application Programming Interphase (API) levels.  Now with N seeking its turn, #AndroidNeyyappam seems to be one of the most popular names in the mix!


So what’s the deal about Neyyappam you might wonder?  Ask any Malayalee, and you will know!  The prospect of this traditional delicacy from Kerala, made of rice flour, jaggery and ghee making its mark, thanks to the Android N version is something to definitely look forward to!   The though of all the API discussion boards with #AndroidLollipop & #AndroidKitKat being replaced by #AndroidNeyappam bring a smile to almost every Malayalee’s face!


Since its release on 23rd September 2008, Android 1.0, was the first commercial version of the software was followed by Version 1.1 released in February 2009.  All the versions since then, have left people with a sweet tooth smiling, with names like Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, GingerBread, HoneyComb, IceCreamSandwich, JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow! Yup! Sounds like an aisle we’d love to shop at!


Tweets promoting #AndroidNeyyappam have been trending since the last 18 hours and Malayalees all across the world have been casting their vote to ensure that their opinions matter.  Of course Indian sweets like Nankhatai are also trying to gain visibility, but the humble #Neyyappam is fighting its way to the top.


These indeed are exciting times when we get a chance to participate in the quest for #AndroidN’s name.  So, what are you waiting for?  Make it happen.. let’s get the word out and the votes in for #AndroidNeyyappam.  Log on to now!

Supriya Balan Kuniyil

Written By Supriya Balan Kuniyil

A MARCOMM Professional with over 14 years of experience in various aspects of branding & communication, Supriya works to build & add brand value on the digital platform through strategized communication, contextual ideation & timely implementation. She can be reached at

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