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Touted to be one of the biggest overhauls to the iOS operating system since its launch, iOS8 comes with unique changes that may not be immediately noticeable right after an update. The most radical upgrades such as extensions, third-party keywords and other features are included to provide better flexibility and are highly dependent on the ability of developers to take advantage of the features to optimize their applications.


While developers have only recently begun to launch iOS8 optimized updates through the App Store, here are a few that have been able to optimize the features in the best possible manner.


• Password

ios8_1Considered one of the best password managers, the iOS8 version allows users to fill in their login credentials directly from Safari and a number of other third-party apps. This application also takes advantage of the Touch ID feature that allows users to unlock their password vault with just one tap. This application is completely free and also offers premium features with the help of in-app purchases. Existing users that have paid for older versions get these automatically when they update the app.



The extension offered by this app allows individuals to easily share content between this application and other productivity programs such as iWork. For instance, you can easily start in Box and then select a document, open it in a text editing platform and make the changes you wish to make. You can also do this with photos and other types of files.


• Evernote

This application wasted absolutely no time in leveraging the power of iOS8. The latest upgrade to this application comes with an extension that can be activated in Safari for saving documents, web pages and photos as notes. It also comes with a widget that allows quick creation of notes right from the notification enter. Premium users can also use Touch ID for accounts that are password protected.


• Pocket

The original “Read it Later” applications, Pocket now comes with a Safari extension allowing users to rid themselves from the use of the cumbersome bookmarklet to send articles and content to their accounts. Now

ios8_2, you can share what you are reading on other social media apps when you are using Pocket. This application also leverages the handoff feature that allows you to easily switch between devices without losing your place.


In addition to this, applications such as Instapaper, Mint and OmniFocus 2 also have done a good job with the upgrade. Instapaper,for instance, allows users to save content to their accounts from within any other application. The new application also has a “Today” extension that shows a list of things you have saved on a particular day within the notification center of your iPhone or iPad.


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