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Three years ago Uber’s Chris Messina had used a term called ‘conversational commerce’. Ever since the phrase came to light, it has been adopted as one of the most effective ways of inter and intra-brand communication. Well, simply said, conversational commerce literally means the process of interaction of various brands and businesses through… Read More
Have you ever wondered why you see so many ads relating to your previous searches pop-up time and again when you are using free apps? What’s the secret? How does your smartphone or computer know or remember where you had been? This is where Analytics and Data Science comes in.… Read More

Quantum Computing is Getting Ambitious

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There could come a time when we will all take a plunge innocently, into a world of digital transparency. Your naughty neighbour could be reading all your messages and having the last laugh. He could be snooping into your financial figures. Now it’s beginning to scare you right? Quantum computing is… Read More
  Cyber Security is the protection of the integrity of data, files, network, and programs from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. As per Forbes, the global cybersecurity market is expected to grow to 170 billion by 2020. Hackers today are way smarter than the breakers and they figure out ways much faster for destruction. With… Read More
Cloud computing is no more an alien term today. It is actually redefining how businesses run. The youth is not scared of any challenges and are willing to take up any new thing coming their way, even if means jumping from traditional to hi-tech stuff. Ever wondered how people who succeed have reached… Read More