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Microsoft recently unveiled its newest version of the Windows operating system. While the announcement also spoke about a bunch of new features, a number of others were left out. Here are a few amazing feature aspects of the latest OS that are expected to be of value to its users… Read More
While most of the world has gotten cozy with browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, and the reigning Internet Explorer – you’d be rather surprised that there also exists a breed of obscure web browsers that will guarantee some hair raising experiences. Here’s a lowdown on some of the… Read More

Business Mobility And BYOD

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In today's tech-savvy world, employees are being encouraged to embrace innovation and trends by integrating their own personal mobile devices into the enterprise IT fabric. If one gauges at the enterprise IT trend of past 20 years or so, one can easily find how first laptop freed PC users from… Read More
Beer Versus Coke
The answer to this leading question is a rather personal one that depends on one’s own tastes and needs. The real question to ask yourself when making a choice between drinking beer versus Coke is whether you intend to cut back on your calories or your bigger concerns are the… Read More
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