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By now, you have at least heard about Bitcoin. It has become widely talked about, and people have been calling it and the blockchain technology it relies on game-changers in the world of finance. But how did this rise happen? It’s fascinating just how rapid the Bitcoin and blockchain’s rise… Read More

Is Smart Home Technology Useful in a Start-Up?

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The economy is experiencing interesting times. Companies and technologies are witnessing remarkable rises and falls when it comes to how tech can be applied. Is there space for Smart Home technology in the fast-paced world of startups? The answer might surprise you. What is Smart Home Tech? Smart home technology… Read More

How Legalized Sports Betting Will Impact The US

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The sports betting industry won the battle of becoming legal when the US Supreme Court dismissed the federal ban on wagering in May this year, giving the states the freedom to make decision of whether or not to legalize betting. Since then, expectations on how this ruling will impact the… Read More

Five Ways to Save On Your Monthly Utility Bill

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With electricity prices rising significantly in the last few years, smart homeowners are focusing on cutting their household’s energy use by making the homes more energy-efficient and implementing other energy-friendly strategies. And guess what? If you put your mind to it, reducing energy usage is not hard to achieve. If… Read More

Several Reasons Why Seniors Use The Internet

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The digital age has enabled the world to be more interconnected than ever, and most people nowadays don’t have a problem adopting modern technology resources. Even though the technology gap between younger and older generations is significant, it seems that a large percent of the elderly are becoming familiar with… Read More

All About Neurocore and What They Have to Offer

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As we all know, our brain is very powerful. In fact, our mind might be the most powerful thing in the entire universe. Because of this, exercising your brain and keeping it in shape is just as important as going to the gym is. When you boost your brain with… Read More

Is Ecommerce Right For Your Brand?

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With the advanced technology and software options available to us, it is possible to set up a highly efficient, professional e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. And, with e-commerce sales expected to account for 17.5% of all global sales by 2021, it seems like a lucrative idea. It is… Read More

Could You be the Newest Crypto King?

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Can cryptocurrencies really make you a fortune? If you choose the right ones, they certainly can. Just look at the infographic below to see the current crypto kings and how much wealth they have amassed over the last few years. Many of those on the list are considered visionary –… Read More

Look before you leap into an online business

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If you are running a successful brick and mortar retail outlet, it has probably occurred to you that adding an ecommerce store would be a good way to increase your profit without incurring too much in the way of overheads. And, it is true – there are a lot fewer… Read More
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