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Hiring managers are becoming more interested in properly understanding the background of an individual before even hiring them. Conducting thorough background checks using social media accounts helps by providing valuable data about a person’s abilities and personalities, which are essential aspects of today’s task-force. Checking a potential candidates profile is… Read More

Cryptocurrency for dummies

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What is it? Crypto meaning secret or concealed, there is nothing secretive about crypto currency contrary to the name. They are digital currencies that have no physical form. Beyond the noise and press coverage, they are just entries in a database. So every transaction here is traced by a code.… Read More

iOS 9 vulnerabilities & flaws

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Once an Apple customer, always an Apple customer is true for many Apple product users. In fact Apple fans could be called a cult because of the importance Apple pays on User eXperience. Waiting in line for Apple products is their holy ritual and their way of showing devotion towards… Read More
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Shyam Rashun

As a Sales consultant at Codelattice, I am known for my ability to multi task and juggle multiple sales assignments simultaneously meeting all targets. I have a good knack of understanding the marketing angles and sales principles. My business understanding has also helped in delivering functionally sound services and offerings.

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