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Probed extensively, the relevance of innovation ecosystem goes far beyond the binary of symbiotic and parasitic innovation. Indeed, the popularity of the concept of innovation ecosystem across countries is proof of the diversity of the idea as applicable in practical life. Across the globe, the rapid emergence of innovation labs… Read More
Not withstanding the interminable parroting of the benefits of startups by the leading political establishment, it is arguably one of the most popular and cherished forms of employment in today’s times when the Indian job scenario is rather bleak.  In fact, in the employment rate of the subcontinent (3.52 percent)… Read More
Ever since the globalization of markets, specifically in scientific and technical niches, it has forced technology firms the need to keep readjusting their R&D and Radical organizations.  R&D and Radical Innovation can get highly complex, especially if the two structures are merged. In this article, we will go through both… Read More

Tackling the Risks in a Start-Up Environment

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Starting a business can be an exciting venture. The startup economy is rich with opportunity and innovation. However, it is also burdened with high – stake risks. Jumping into the deep end of the startup pool is a lot less frightening when you understand and calculate the risks. The path-dependent… Read More
You are an entrepreneur who is striving for success as well as a legacy which will be remembered. It's time to start taking on category design as a key part of your plan. Times have changed, all markets are immediately global, and the entry cost is lower than ever. Customers… Read More

The importance of business communication

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Many companies, whether large, medium or small, may in some cases find themselves in complicated situations when the balance sheet is not adequate. This may be due to many cases, either external or internal to the company, such as mismanagement in decision making or even lack of communication between customers… Read More

Venture Capital – How to Beat the Odds

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Venture Capital is a form of funding for a new or growing company. It is usually given from a venture capital business that specializes in constructing high-risk financial portfolios. The venture capital business funds the startup company in return for an ownership stake or equity. Venture capital firms usually only… Read More
Have you ever tried talking with a chatbot? Did it get stuck midway? Was the bot unable to answer your questions? Couldn’t carry the conversation anymore? Was spewing out unreasonable or unrelated responses? Well, you aren’t the only one! Everyone discusses the future of chatbots. The tech has been lifted… Read More

AI-Driven Personalisation for Chatbots

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Do you know what the ‘problem of generic flow’ is? It’s a solution that serves a generalised objective. It’s the average of group behaviour. It’s guesswork. And, more often than not, it is theoretically perfect but practically lacking. When the shoe doesn’t fit, that guesswork leaves you a customer short.… Read More
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