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There is a bold, glowing line between building a simple chatbot versus a successful one. Chatbots, as Stefan Kojouharov, Founder, Chatbots Life, puts it, are a throwback to the times when business problems were solved via conversation. Even today, marketing remains a matter of perception. If you can get to… Read More
2018 was the year of the Internet of Things, in the sense that it played a centrally significant role in the tech community as it grew itself. Be it the predictions for 2019 digital trends or innovators like Elon Musk talking about the future, IOT found a spot everywhere. But,… Read More
You can create a web app. And, you will no longer need to secure and manage a server. Seems like a dream come true for a front-end developer? Well, hold your horses! A genuinely serverless reality is far away. But, with the advent of serverless computing assistance like AWS Lambda,… Read More
Have you read ‘The UX of AI’ by Josh Lovejoy? The Staff Interaction Designer at Google talks about a lot of things in this rather interesting, certainly intimidating article of his. But, what stands out from all his dialogues, what I like best, is this one. ‘As long as your… Read More

Is NoOps Killing DevOps- Experts Disagree

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When traditional software development was pushed aside for DevOps, industries were all praises for a system that combined development and operations to create a range of multi-functional skills. In 2011, Mike Gualtieri, VP, Forrester Research, was quoted saying that NoOps would mean an improved application deployment process without needing the… Read More
When you mention entrepreneurship and philanthropy, you cannot fail to mention James Dondero. He is a remarkable businessman, who also employs his great insight into philanthropic work. His keenness has made it possible for him to achieve significant milestones for a variety of institutions. James is a visionary and a… Read More
The United States is a country that has recorded some of the worst disasters around the world, with some of them killing a significant number of individuals and damaging properties. It is common for homes to be destroyed by a tsunami or winds resulting from tsunamis. Other natural disasters such… Read More
Running an e-commerce store is oftentimes a challenging experience, especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets who simply can’t compete with the over-the-top marketing used by large brands. This is the main reason why user experience (UX) has gained so much popularity as of late: it helps small businesses compete… Read More

How AI can personalize learning

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Education, as we see, is about transmitting knowledge of ‘what happened and how’ to solve problems of the future by applying the old logic and doctrines to the present situation. So the responsibility of the educator is to transmit this past information. Educational institutions also group students according to their… Read More
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