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When I think of branding, what stands out for me is my credit card provider. The card is just like any other card and there are usual hitches during usage but if I have to call their customer service for any issues, the attention and courtesy I get is way ahead of any other provider I have had experience with. So what is the definition of branding? Is it just the logo, name and colours with a TM(Trade Mark) super suffixed?

Let’s see the definition of Branding

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).

So it includes all which impresses your customer.

Branding & Logos:

Big businesses can afford a branding agency but small businesses cannot due to budget constraints. Many of them don’t even have a dedicated space and operate online or operate as middlemen between buyers and sellers. In such cases there are several branding platforms online to design logos, business cards and social media profiles using AI in a cost effective way.

Branding & Customer Insights:

Branding no longer comes only from tangible things like name, logo and colour in today’s competitive world. It is inspired by customers. Any brand which can understand customer’s needs and desires and work on providing the same can become successful. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help understand consumer preferences and behaviour and help a business offer personalised experiences for a great customer experience. Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce giants are already reaping the benefits of such personalised business.(Customer insights should not be used to push your profitable product but a product your customer is looking for. Also be mindful of their privacy in this process)

Branding & Customer Service:

Most of the times than not customer issues are a repetition of what has already been dealt with and will deal with time and again. It is quite normal for a human to get frustrated with repeated tasks & boring routine. Human service agents can unintentionally deliver a negative impression in such cases. Employing chatbots for such issues can save time, energy and save manpower for better tasks. Chatbots don’t get angry when a customer shouts at it and doesn’t take matter into its own hands to deliver a unintentional negative impression. The capacity to attend multiple calls and deliver individualistic conversation is increased, thereby creating a great impression.( Beware! If what your customer loves is your human service agent interaction, then your automation is going to get you negative points)

Branding & Marketing:

Marketing has to be an outside-in approach, for it to add value both to business and customers. It means finding out the customers’ sentiments and accordingly market your product or service. AI powered solutions can help you market based on your target audience behaviour. Browsing online platforms to discover potential customers, understanding their behaviour and designing creative ads based on the analysis are all possible now with AI. (Discovering customers does not mean a free ticket to spam)

Axel Balakrishnan

Written By Axel Balakrishnan

Axel is a co-founder of Codelattice and heads the MARCOMM unit. Perfection in creativity is his motto. He frequently blogs his thoughts on Branding, social media, strategy and Marketing. You can connect with him through

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