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Beer Versus Coke

The answer to this leading question is a rather personal one that depends on one’s own tastes and needs. The real question to ask yourself when making a choice between drinking beer versus Coke is whether you intend to cut back on your calories or your bigger concerns are the ingredients that go into these drinks?


By understanding your personal nutritional needs and acquiring correct information on various foods and beverages, you will be able to make the correct choice.


Some Little Known Facts about Beer

beer1There are enough studies out there that suggest that the ethanol that exists in beer and other forms of alcoholic beverages when consumed in moderation offer some health benefits. By moderation, one means 2 servings for men and 1 serving for women a day. Each serving includes 12 oz of bear or 4 oz of wine. Consuming beer in moderation offers benefits such as reduction in risks of heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and the enhancement of brain function.


Furthermore, the higher water content of beer and the diuretic effect it has on the body also helps in decreasing the risk of kidney stones. Furthermore, its Vitamin B content as well as the existence of magnesium, fiber, calcium and selenium antioxidant makes it a healthy drink to consider every once in a while.


However, extreme or heavy consumption can wipe out all these benefits and result in serious medical issues such as chronic hypertension, weight gain, stroke, breast cancer and colon. Furthermore, liquid calories tend not to give you a sense of satiation resulting in additional mindless eating. Remember that a 12 ounce beer bottle contains 150 calories.


Some Little Known Facts about Coke beer2

Let’s say you move from coke to diet coke and enjoy its calorie free and sugar free status but this is exactly where the concerns are being raised. Even though the sugar substitutes known as Aspartame are used in such drinks, there are mixed opinions with regards to how safe they really are. Some studies suggest sugar substitutes increase the risk of a number of conditions such as cancer.


From a weight loss perspective as well, studies have arrived at mixed results. While beer may not give us the feeling of fullness, beverages do. However, that does not really stop us from eating less food during the day. Also, there is the added craving for sweet foods that comes with consumption of sodas. Research suggests that if you replace sweetened drinks with diet variants, you will lose weight but only 50% of the weight you would otherwise lose if you had water instead.


Depending on your body type, your personal nutritional goals and your current health status you can choose to consume a beverage that works best for you without harming your body in any way.

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