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The art of doing business is gradually developing and so is the competition. You need to enhance your business measures in order to stay in the competition. Woocommerce as an e-commerce store is employing the WooCommerce Shop As Customer. It is also using Woocommerce SMS Notification to enable it to reach out to multiple countries without any of its customers feeling cheated. You can also develop or keep in the competition with some customer-oriented actions. This is important if you want to retain your loyal customers.

Consistency in quality

The number one reason why I will stick to any brand for long enough to become a loyal customer, then it will be because of their qualitative products or services. Nothing beats the quality, nothing. 

Even without special promotion, a good product or service will still get a way to gradually sell itself. The number one way to keep your loyal customers is to keep offering consistent quality. If you want to change your quality, change it to become better.

Rewarding loyal customers

You do not always have to pull a publicity stunt to make your loyal customer feel good. Sometimes, little gestures go a long way to make them feel appreciated. You can reward them by giving them some after-sales services for free. You can offer to deliver their others for free. You can offer them new products or services for trial testing. While doing this, you should inform them that these are new products or services and they are the first to use them. Remember, you are doing it for free.

Encouraging customer feedback

This remains a killer technique for keeping your customers. People love it when taking them seriously. They want a platform where they can express themselves. This technique is very effective in so many ways. One of them is that you get to keep your customers and make them loyal to you. Besides this advantage, feedback can also help you improve your business. Your customers are on the outside and see a lot of things you may not see.

They are also closer to the customers of your competition and can give you information on what your competition is doing that is enhancing their growth. If you want to grow your business while you keep your customers happy then you should consider working with customer feedback. You cannot work with their feedback when you do not have it in the first place.

Creating a community

Just like I said before, you cannot work with feedback that you do not have. There are lots of ways to gather feedback from your customers. You can conduct interviews with your customers to get their feedback. You can even use questionnaires for them to respond to. All these methods can be effective when you use them properly. If there is one reason why these techniques won’t work, then it is because you make it look totally formal. One way to bring down those walls of uncertainty is by bringing your customers closer. You can do this by creating a community. Thanks to social media, you can create a page and give your customers a chance to provide feedback while they also interact amongst themselves at the same time.

Starting a loyalty campaign

This is a very common practice by a number of companies. It can be in form of coupons, special discounts, or gifts.

Rewarding loyal customers is very good for your business as new customers will give new customers a hint of what is to come.

Junaid Qureshi

Written By Junaid Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing

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