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Plugins are the most popular extension modules that help to get solutions for content management systems, software, and browsers. The demand for plugins is increasing day by day. It helps effectively in Magento SEO Optimization, web analytics, online marketing, and more. With the help of source systems, this includes the optimization of websites with Magento SEO Plugin for different performances.

Usually, people use Yoast for various purposes, but there are a lot of other effective Magento SEO Extensions which is similar to Yoast that people should explore:

  1. SEO Suite Ultimate

SEO Suite Ultimate extension has become one of the most popular ideal extensions, which is very helpful for those who find regular SEO practices quite difficult to execute.

This Magento SEO Extension is considered an all-in-one solution for all the people who need SEO. People can also optimize their website created with Magento 2 SEO using this powerful extension. It will also help people to reduce their heavy workloads and boost their website on search rankings.

  1. Canonical URLs Magento

This is an effective and free Magento SEO Extension module that can help you to add canonical URL to the titles of your website pages and also works manually to set custom canonical links for your products.

This extension can help you to find out which page or URL will be more suitable for the users to solve their specific search queries. Some Magento Development Company uses it to detect and fix duplicate contents. Also, for CMS pages, it provides the right URL from the databases.

  1. Advanced Sitemap

This Magento Extension has become a must-use extension in the year 2020. Many Magento SEO Services use Advanced Sitemap for delivering their services to their clients. It helps to generate sitemaps automatically which reduces the work of many users. It also helps the leading Magento Development Company to deliver effective solutions to their customers on time.

The advanced Sitemap is very easy to use. All you have to do is download it and generate the sitemaps. It contains customizations that help you set the priority and frequency for each field and homepages. It also can allow you to set the titles, and add more links to the sitemap.

  1. Advanced SEO By Activo

Advanced SEO by Activo is the best solution used by renowned Magento Development Company to solve all SEO related issues. This extension is available for both Magento 1 SEO and Magento 2 SEO, and it also comes up with a lot of powerful features to improve your rankings in search engines.

This extension can also guide you with its best Magento SEO tips and it can be considered as the best tool to grow your online store.

Advanced SEO by Activo can help people in Magento Search Engine Optimization very effectively that comes out with the best results.

  1. Free Magento SEO By Creare

This Magento SEO Plugin or extension comes up with a wide range of features that people dream to be crucial for on-site optimization. By using this extension, you can optimize your website just like a Magneto SEO Expert. By the use of it, you can easily solve all your SEO related problems that you are carrying for years.

This free extension can help you prevent duplicate contents, show you the breadcrumbs and social media channels. It also works efficiently to provide you metadata templates for products, category page titles, and make descriptions for contents.

We need you to know that Magento SEO by Creare is one of the Free Magento Extensions.

  1.     Magento SEO Suite Pro Ultimate

If you are looking for a Magento SEO Plugin or that comes up with the best features which can support various versions of community and enterprise editions. It contains many features that include product tags, SEO functionality, user-friendly URLs.

This extension has become the ability to solve duplicate content issues, meta-templates for several store pages, rich snippets to get the best results in social media platforms. It can also manage all crucial activities related to SEO such as breadcrumbs, redirects, category SEOGird, cross-linking, and many more.

Magento SEO Suite Pro Ultimate can also help in reducing the search optimization workload of many Magento SEO Services and dramatically improves online visibility.

  1.     SEO Suite

SEO Suite is one of the most powerful and Free Magento Extensions that helps you to automate all the aspects of your Magento-based store.

It has a powerful dashboard that can view all the enhancements and settings available in the extension. It’s like a personal SEO specialist that can bring more traffic and help you boost your content on the Internet. This extension can also help Magento Development Company to manage dynamic templates, duplicate content issues, and also helps in improving indexation and internal linkings.

This free extension or plugin does have a bearing on all the SEO aspects of your website. It helps to reduce manual work and improves your site rankings. You can get the premium version of SEO Suite at only $99.

  1.     SEO Rich Snippets

SEO Rich Snippets supports the multi-store set up and this is one of the best things about this extension. It helps to resolve the pricing related issues by tagging the currency and priced separately.

It can help you to boost traffic on your website and help you in Magento Search Engine Optimization by its powerful and effective SEO features.

This Magento 2 SEO extension helps search engines find and index information more easily by identifying the content of your web page, allowing search engines to better understand what information is on each web page.


These are some of the best similar Magento SEO Plugins or extensions that can help you to get benefits from. If you have any doubts regarding this, then you can test these top 8 free and paid Magento SEO Modules, and then choose the best one that can suit all your preferences and offer you the best results. If you need assistance with your Magento website, give us a call today.

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