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Artificial Intelligence has given a whole new dimension to the technological world. Does that mean machines or devices are going to replace human intelligence or efforts? May yes or Maybe no. The evolutions of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning over the past few years have come up with a lot of misconceptions, that have surpassed other benefits of AI. In this blog, we will throw some light on such myths, which some techies swear by and follow blindly.

Myth: Artificial Intelligence can cause unemployment for many.

We often got to hear that machines will be doing most of the jobs going in the future. AI is being applied to the fields with repetitive work, such as in industries like packing, managing data, etc. Such sectors might be affected somewhere and may also lead to the shedding of their employees. Does that mean people have to leave their jobs? Not exactly. It can also be taken as, that the employees might get involved in a more productive job, where their minds will play the role more than the physical efforts.

Somewhere this is partially true, someone’s jobs will be displaced from their works. This could also a new step toward the industrial revolution, which has constantly changed the way things work. People might be shifted and trained according to the revolutionization in that industry.

This Myth is partially true. And means that more people will be involved in efficient jobs which will not only help the industry to grow but, also the worker as an individual and they will try to explore more of their abilities to secure their jobs.

Myth- AI can solve any problem

When it comes to AI, techies believe that it can solve any problem. Whereas some people think that AI is something that will help mankind and the environment in the future. Both the statements are partially correct. AI has spread its wings and covered both scenarios in some way or the other. Here are some of the examples where AI is a blessing. It can perform – Voice recognition, predictive analysis, image recognition for safety purposes, and illness detections too, improved customer care for industries and help companies to grow for a better world, etc. But AI cannot take care or cure the illness of the world. Therefore, fields that do not involve technology, computation, bulk data, programming, etc. cannot be solved by Artificial Intelligence.

Myth: AI is Smarter Than Human intelligence.

Yes, we agree that AI is smart and functions, with minimal or very little human involvement. Let us not forget that AI dint builds human, but the human has invented AI technology to make their work easier. It is as intelligent as we program it, just like any other machine. We created it, teach it, and provided it with relevant algorithms, tools to make a few decisions on our behalf.

Ai simply thinks with the ability of logical reasoning as programmed. AI might take a few decisions faster than humans in rare cases, which could be right and wrong too. AI does not look for the right decision, but it only knows to come with an outcome. The reality is, AI is yet not smarter than humans, only human beings can sense situations and feelings. Machines have no moral self-sufficiency because even they do confuse and mislead us in the process of making decisions, they do not have a will of their own and remain dominated by the objectives that we have allocated to them.

Myth- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the same.

Machine Learning- It is a subcategory of AI that provides the machine with an ability to learn and perform based on its experiences or previous data. Machines are trained with algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, SVM, Naive Bayes, KNN, K-Means, Random Forest, and many more. The motive of Machine Learning is to suck up the knowledge from historical data and improve itself without being specifically programmed, in this process computer system predicts, take decisions, stay updated, while taking the massive amount of structured and semi-structured data into consideration and generating accurate results. Some of the examples for clear understanding about ML are: Email spam filters, recommendations based on your last choice of music, because of your latest search on google, ever wondered how Facebook knows that you are good friends with someone? It is all because of ML, it gathers the data of your previous activity- tagging, photos, words share, etc. on social media.

Final Thoughts- These were some of the famous myths about Artificial Intelligence, which should be taken care of.

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