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Virtual private networks (VPN) are widely used for the purpose of securing one’s connection to protect their online activity or to occasionally access websites that are geographically blocked. When you research about VPNs, you will see that a lot of sites talk about the negative effects of providers that offer free subscriptions. Very few tackle its positive side which brings about better browsing.

Although those websites make a good point, there are benefits that you can gain in choosing to use free VPNs, aside from the fact that you don’t need to spend anything for a secure internet connection. You can use a VPN to have a better internet surfing experience. Something that you should keep in mind when picking whether to switch to a free VPN provider or keep on paying for premium services.

This article will discuss the positive side of choosing free VPNs for a better web browsing experience.

What’s okay about free VPN?

One of the best new VPN providers out there that’s free to use is DewVPN. DewVPN is a high-speed, ultra-secure, easy to use, and free VPN.

Free VPN like DewVPN may seem sketchy to most because a VPN service much like any other business in the service industry doesn’t just offer free services for nothing. Well for this one, there is no catch. DewVPN earn profit by offering the same services they have for private non-commercial use for commercial purposes. Many companies need to protect their internal online communication hence, paying for a VPN provider.

DewVPN is a peer-to-peer VPN that enables a community of users to pool and route their internet through each other by sharing idle resources. This only means that fellow users can help each other to make the internet free for everyone. DewVPN can also be used on multiple devices. It has a user-friendly app that can be downloaded for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, and can simultaneously connect multiple devices. It’s not only a download vpn for pc type of app, but also for mobile and tablet as well.

How secure is a free VPN?

If you choose DewVPN, you will get premium-quality security for free. DewVPN has military-grade encryption and complete leak protection. They also have 50 servers from different locations and unlimited switching, meaning you can switch servers as many times as you want. They also got split-tunneling, an option where a user can pick which apps on their device they want to connect to the VPN and which ones they don’t. Among other unlimited things that DewVPN offers is their unlimited bandwidth combined with their high-speeds.

Every other VPN article you may read may dispute that unlimited everything offers from VPNs are not safe, but DewVPN begs to differ. With their complete package, they just might be the best new VPN provider in the world.

Choosing free VPNs for better browsing is indeed the better option with DewVPN.

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