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In this fast-paced era ruled by technology, internet has caved its niche as a necessity we can’t do without!  With businesses trying to extend their reach globally, digital promotions play a critical role vide the worldwide web supporting existing retail outlets, or by being the primary point of sale. This is the emerging world of E-Commerce!


Ecommerce websites allow people to sell or buy anything that they need. Researchers state that, in 1992, several years before Amazon was launched, a man named Charles Stack opened the first-ever online bookstore,  But, the businesses that really made shopping online popular are Amazon and eBay, launched in 1995 and 1996.  They aimed to reach out to customers in ethical way giving people the platform they needed.   Nowadays, consumers can buy everything over the web, which means optimisation of time and money.


Convenience is the main advantage of online shopping, since it allows consumer to shop anywhere and anytime with internet access on either a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Convenience includes the overall ease of locating a product, time spent on shopping, post purchase service, complete contact information, and minimisation of overall shopping effort.   Lower price and selection also plays a critical role, allowing consumers to quickly seek out deals for items with different vendors.  Online shopping gives you the added advantage of cheaper prices as they save on the costs of running a shop, paying wages to additional staff besides others.  In addition, for entrepreneurs with a limited budget, it highly recommended to invest in an e-commerce website.


So what is it about an e-commerce website that has people coming back for more?  Some of the benefits of online shopping include:


1.   Convenience:

There is no doubt that shopping online can be very convenient for people pressed for time.  You can shop from your home, office or any other location where you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. You can browse and make purchases any time convenient for you rather than take time out or schedule a trip to the outlet during their hours of operation.


2.  Ease in Comparison whilst Shopping:

Online shopping offers the advantage of comparison; between the products, their features and their price at different stores at the click of a button.  This helps save on the time and effort of running down to the store to check the product lines and the price.  And of course, there is the undeniable benefit of picking amongst the lowest price for a particular product with websites like Amazon!


3.  Extensive Product Mix:

When you shop online, you find options galore, than if you looked up the availability of the product in your local area.  Where store buyers need to make decisions about what items to carry in their stores, based on local market demand, past purchasing success and failures and shelf- space constraints, their product mix availability may be limited.


4.  Identify Unique Solutions:

At times, offers, discounts and highly specialized items are only available for online purchase – even from companies that have retail outlets.  Online shopping offers varied and innovative options that you wouldn’t know even to look thus offering the best solutions to your needs.


5.  Saves Time and Money:

The obvious given with online shopping is the ability to save time. With options like cash on delivery, you need not even make an online payment if you do not have a credit card on hand.  Mobile wallets too offer a host of discounts and cash back, helping you save a lot more than you ordinarily would.  So, save up on travel costs, get access to great discounts and offers as you shop at ease!


6.  Comparative Shopping and Reviews:

You can compare whilst shopping. With multiple website selling the same stuff at different prices, you can easily choose the one that suits your budget and offers the best prices and discounts.  Also when people shop online they are pretty vocal about the product in the reviews section. Checking them out before adding the product to the cart is always a great idea!


7.  Convenience of 24×7 open stores:

If you are hunting for the right clutch to go with the gorgeous outfit you picked for a friend’s wedding, stop obsessing and get online.  No more hunting in malls and street side jaunts for the perfect accessory, haggling for the big bargain.  Just browse, add to cart and then you can move on.. sort and select when you are sure thats what your heart is set in, and check out.  With options like one day delivery, you still get to check your pick or send it back to get the other one … hassle free!


8.  Variety:

Often times at store you may not find the correct sizes and the right designs. This is however not the case with online shopping. You can search by size, price, design, colour and so on.


9.  Pleasant shopping experience:

When you shop online no one is after you trying to sell stuff you don’t need. There are recommendations of course,  but there is no one hassling you with the annoying sales talk. That’s a relief when you don’t want to be talked into buying things you don’t need!


10.  Biding:

For some people bidding on something they have their heart set on is an exciting affair! Sites like E-Bay offer a spot purchase or an online auction.  Based on your budget and how far you would like to stretch your purse strings


11.  Privacy:

The fast selling products online are ones people may not be comfortable buying from the store where snoopy eyes and judgmental glances can be cast.   These include products like lingerie, personal hygiene items and so on.   Shoppers can take their time, and make up heir mind without having to just pick and pay at just a glimpse.


12.  Periodic offers:

Daily deals, discount codes and flash sales generate excitement and initiate impulsive buying thus having the shoppers come back for more.


13.  Hassle free returns:

One of the most enticing trends that now tempt people give into their online purchase impulses is a hassle free return policy.  The option to return purchases on the click of a button, if made inadvertently or if it fails to meet the buyers expectations, has also helped increase the online sales.


So with the market steering towards online shopping we now see convenience redefined.  Step up and give your  business the Ecommerce advantage.  For more information on setting up your online store, drop us a line at


*Based on research by Codelattice Interns, Keerthana Keethu & Femina, students at St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri

Abdul Majeed Syed

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