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Nowadays, people live in a totally digitalised world, which forces companies to have a presence on the Internet. This means that traditional strategies must give way to digital strategies to achieve new goals.

Obviously, not all people have the same needs, each consumer will have completely different desires and goals. So marketers will have to think about it several times before deciding on the right communication channel(s) to get closer to what customers want.

As we have said, not all customers are the same, so we should not behave the same with all of them. Depending on who we are addressing, we will take some strategies or others, for this, we must carefully and objectively analyze the channels we have at our disposal to choose the right one.

To do this, we must follow a series of steps to help us plan the right marketing strategy:

1. Target audience: The first thing we must do is to establish to whom the products or services we offer will be destined.

2. Means: We must investigate in order to know through which online media our future clients navigate and use to communicate or entertain themselves.

3. Positioning: Once we know where our consumers are, we must make them see us. To this end, we will draw up a plan to improve our presence on the digital platforms we have selected.

4. Competitors: We must always respect our competitors, without underestimating them and analysing what actions they do well and what actions they do badly in order to have a point of reference from which to start.

5. Final objectives: We have to keep in mind at all times the objectives we have set ourselves and not abandon them until they are met. There will always be complicated and diffuse moments but, to do so, the guidelines set out in the plan must be followed.

It is obvious that the base of any company must be the client, what does this imply? To develop a good marketing strategy, whether digital or not, our actions have to be focused primarily on the user. We must try to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

One of the tools that must be essential for any company is to have a telecommunications system that is capable of providing the best customer service possible. For example, a call center software or a virtual PBX is able to help any type of business to improve the management and administration of communications, both internal and external. Taking advantage of all the functionalities they offer, users will feel much more comfortable when contacting our company, turning them into loyal consumers of our brand.

Betting on technological innovations that improve customer service and properly develop the digital strategy to follow in a company, is vital today, as these techniques and guidelines are what will make it easier to achieve the objectives initially set, increasing market share, customer satisfaction by inviting them to repurchase and ultimately increasing sales.

Emma Smith

Written By Emma Smith

I am Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. Fonvirtual provides companies and entrepreneurs with international virtual phone numbers. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I am an usual collaborator in blogs, where I try to spread the word of telecom services in international business.

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