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The economy is experiencing interesting times. Companies and technologies are witnessing remarkable rises and falls when it comes to how tech can be applied. Is there space for Smart Home technology in the fast-paced world of startups? The answer might surprise you.
What is Smart Home Tech?

Smart home technology is a collective network of different smart devices. It will typically connect to a central hub or Wi-Fi router. The different devices will interact with each other to create new ways of automation.
Are There Benefits to Owning a Smart Home?

Yes, there most definitely is. The most common uses for smart home technology has a domestic flavor to it. It’s ultimately where half of the technology’s name is derived from. But, if you look past the obvious solutions you will notice a usefulness that stretches beyond basic home automation.
Here are the most common benefits to automating your house with smart home technology:

It helps to save money.

It saves water consumption.

It helps to save your time.

It promotes healthier lifestyles.

It offers top-notch security solutions.

It offers total control of your home.

It leads to lower effort and stress levels.

How does Startup culture benefit from Smart Homes?

The possibilities are endless. Smart Home technology is practically designed for startups. What most people miss about startups are the early days of being cash-strapped. Start ups look like great fun thanks to pop culture.

The reality is that it contains the same level of mundane activities, but you often have fewer hands to accomplish the task at hand. A lot of startups get bootstrapped out of the founder’s home, where smart home tech can be especially relevant. Below a couple of ways in which startups can benefit from this technology.
Save Money On Utility Bills

The average household with smart products saves $98,30 per month. A smart thermostat can save up to 20% in yearly warming and cooling costs. There are many other types of smart products that help to save money and your startup will thank you.
Beef Up Your Security

Smart security products are among the highest used smart devices. 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart products with which to monitor their homes through smartphones. You can automate your security to monitor the high-risk areas of your business. Who knows, smart cameras may even lead to a whole new business capability for you.
Automate Simple Tasks

Smart refrigerators will connect to the internet. You’ll be able to do tasks like online shopping using smart home tech. You can even give it the mandate to order groceries as it runs out so employees can keep on enjoying their perks! There are tons of other mundane activities in your business that you can automate with smart home technology so your employees can focus on their task list.
Track Monitor and Control Everything

Enjoy total control over your business as you are able to receive real-time data about even the smallest appliances. A connected business will help to create a fast-paced environment. An environment that can help you to conquer those deadline-based goals.
Smart Home Technology and Startups

These two concepts are made for each other. Smart home technology will flourish in the startup environment. It may even enhance the competitive advantages of the businesses who use it. Read this infographic if you want to see some more information about smart homes.


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