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Water CoolerBeer Versus Coke
March 15, 2013

Beer Versus Coke – Which Makes Lesser Of A Devil?

The answer to this leading question is a rather personal one that depends on one’s own tastes and needs. The real question to ask yourself when making a choice between drinking beer versus Coke is whether you intend to cut back on your calories or your bigger concerns are the…

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Digital ExperienceCredit Card
February 10, 2013

Using Credit Card Behavior For Targeted Advertising

A few years ago, MasterCard floated the idea of web based ad targeting by using an individual’s credit card purchase history as the source of marketing communication customization. However, the company later chose to shelve the idea citing regulatory issues that dictate how financial service providers are permitted to handle…

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Digital ExperienceRetailers
January 30, 2013

Smart phones to smart coupons: How are retailers leveraging the power of mobile

Mobile marketing has become an integral element in every leading brand’s success story. A large number of businesses are recognizing the quintessential smart phone as an effective marketing medium that can be leveraged to engage with customers. A specifically popular mobile marketing channel that is being currently explored is that…

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