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It is now clear to everyone that Artificial Intelligence is less of some sci-fi thriller and more of a useful tool in our day-to-day life. AI is not going to turn rogue and take over our planet in the near future. It might help you run your real estate business efficiently, though.

Chatbots for a great Customer Experience

Want to engage with every customer at every channel of entry? The chatbots are here for you. It can be used in multiple channels like website, mobile apps, messenger, voice, email, etc. It can engage in individualistic conversations with multiple customers at the same time. These are learning systems and it learns as it converses. Use of chatbots in virtual tours could be a real game changer and it can give an intro of every square foot it shows. Chatbots can be made to answer queries on square feet, materials, flooring and more.

Efficient Buildings with AI

AI with IoT can help make efficient buildings with AI powered Energy Management, Early problem Detection, Temperature, Air Quality, Security and Fire Systems. Even at an individual house level, smart lighting and temperature solutions are becoming a common feature. AI makes it possible for us to think about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Personalized Real Estate Portals

With millions of properties available, it is difficult for a buyer to find the property that suits his exact requirements. AI can handle huge amount of data and give appropriate results. Also, based on the user’s inputs, personalized recommendations can be made. Even relevant news, articles, reports and tips can be shown to the buyer using his search patterns and behaviour.

Automated Document Processing

Real estate deals with time-consuming heavy volumes of documentation. Natural Language Processing(NLP) can help in the analysis of legal documents and speed up the process. It can help in in-depth document analysis and translation which can do away with the tedious manual process.

Image Recognition

Real estate runs on pictures. Pictures Sell – It is as simple. With image recognition in AI, you have the power to organize, classify and tag thousands of images to give a great customer experience to those who search for properties and lead them deeper into the buying cycle. Deep learning can enable a buyer to upload the photo of a house and estimate the right price of the house based on historical price, neighbourhood and other factors.


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