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“The only constant thing in the world is Change”. Yet it is one of the hated words in my dictionary. I simply refuse to change. I push, complain, sulk and drag my feet as much as I can before I give in to the inevitable.


The decision to buy a laptop, a smart phone were all postponed and finally done when there seem to be no way out. My laptop is due for change after 9 years of hard labor but the ‘change’ is in an unforeseeable future. After all, I just got a smart phone some few months back.


Can you understand my outrage about the smart watches now becoming all the vogue?


Smart Watches are still in the evolving phase and the horizon is yet to be seen, yet they are getting more and more personal. It monitors your heart rate, provides a comprehensive picture of the workouts required – your daily activity and even reward you for reaching personal milestones.


The alerts, taps and press actions bring to you, your social networks, your social calendar, breaking news and emails. You can speak to your watch and dictate messages, get directions and stay up to date on events. Smart watches helps you receive instant notifications for incoming mails, messages & calls and allows to answer or dismiss them.


Despite the excitement and craze, the limitations and boundaries of smart watches are still hazy. Some are of the opinion that a smart watch should replace a smart phone completely. Keeping in mind the battery life such a usage would require, I ponder over the reasons that negate such opinions.


The current day smart phones aren’t just used for communication. They are portable game consoles, music players, media centers, portals to social networks, guides to navigation, health trackers and have answers to all our questions. Some of these functions could be done by a smart watch but many of them would in turn require powerful processors and huge battery energy. Playing some games on your smart phones could leave them hot enough to cook an omelet which could be mighty inconvenient if the device is attached to your hand.


Smart watches can deliver data to you quickly when you need it. You can enter your spending, check your budgets, can track stock market, etc. But imagine searching through Amazon product category to buy a product or reading all your Facebook updates in a less than 2 inch screen. Everyone is sure to get a crick in the neck after such a humongous task.


Instead of thinking of the smart watch as a small strappable version of your smart phone, we need to see how it can be used differently. May be it could be used as a part in the internet of things – your smart watch can easily update your heart rate and other vital parameters regularly to your doc’s database for him to review your medicine dosage, etc. Smart watches are here to stay for sometime but their usefulness and how they are going to differ from a smart phone will decide its future course.


But my decision is done. Why a smart watch when I have a smart phone? There is time yet to accept change. I win for now.


Written By Nithya

Nithya is a MARCOMM consultant at Codelattice. She is busy conquering the Kingdom of Content and blogs for Codelattice. Her interest areas include Social Media, Lifestyle and Commerce. Connect with her through

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