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Hiring managers are becoming more interested in properly understanding the background of an individual before even hiring them. Conducting thorough background checks using social media accounts helps by providing valuable data about a person’s abilities and personalities, which are essential aspects of today’s task-force. Checking a potential candidates profile is proving beneficial to organizations in their search for new employees who could suit their requirements.

Conducting background screening helps the human resource manager to see some vital information that can interpret the personality of a person. For example, understanding what an individual posts, shares, and tweets can elaborate more about the real nature and his or her real character, which cannot be determined through the formal interview where a prospective employee tends to portray a different and modest personality. This information might be essential to understanding the position of a person regarding various issues such as their views on same-sex marriages. Moreover, one can detect whether they are intelligent enough given how they respond to comments and other posts.

Performing social media background check has played a vital role in determining the skills, qualifications, and their life goals. For example, potential candidates may post samples of their work on Tumblr or Pinterest, which is an opportunity to gauge their skills and competence. Others have been using their blogs to express their opinions on specific topics of interests which can help in understanding their communication skills as well as their overall perception on such issues because some of them might relate to your products or services. Besides, social platforms such as LinkedIn might offer valuable information about their previous work and testimonials.

Social media background check can help in determining vital clause about the behavior of an individual which can act as a red flag. A hiring manager might consider viewing candidate’s profile where they can get contents that can be associated with hate speech, offering offensive information about people from other religious affiliations, or bad-mouthing a previous employer. Additionally, the social media profile may show other red flags such as drug abuse, criminal records or association with criminal gangs among others. This information will be very vital in deciding on the people to consider for further interviews.

Recently, the LinkedIn platform has become an essential platform where employers get recommended by their previous employers. Going through such sites will help the recruiting manager to see whether the prospective candidate had created a good rapport with his or her former employers. The site also offers significant information about educational background, skills, last working institutions, and experience among others. Therefore, conducting a social media background check using FAMA will further help in understanding how an employee performed during challenging periods or pressure situations which demonstrates much about his or her personality and character towards problem-solving.

About FAMA

FAMA is a data analysis entity that helps organizations to conduct social media background check for their prospective employees and their current task-force. The company, through its filtering features, provides sufficient information, sometimes in graphical illustrations to help human resource managers in making decisions. For example, FAMA may offer assistance in determining the difference between how an individual behaves online and off-line. These details are essential in human resource management because they help in monitoring a worker and incorporating them into the culture of the company.


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