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Chatbots can be extremely helpful for any online business that wishes to improve their customers’ experience on their website. These automatic tools can help answer questions and guide your customers in the right direction in case they have any problem navigating your website, or reaching out to you in any other way.
In order to be able to effectively use chatbots though, you should know a few things about setting the conversations up and if you’re new in this situation, it can be a little difficult for a beginner. If you wish to get started with chatbots, here are some helpful tips to help you write perfect chatbot scripts.

Stick to the goals you have set
The very first thing you should be taking into consideration when starting to create the script for a chatbot is to take a minute and figure out your goals in regards to the conversation. For example, if your chatbot is supposed to help with navigation on the website, you should focus on making the conversation in a way that will offer clear and easy-to-follow instructions to the visitor.
Reviewing and following the goals you have set for your script will essentially help you get a better understanding of the user experience you wish to offer to your potential customers. It will also help you organize the sentences you will be using a lot easier and allow you to cover every aspect of the conversations that will come up.

Always be polite
Another thing you need to keep into consideration is the way you are phrasing your sentences. One of the things every business owner wants is to always sound professional when they are coming in contact with their customers. Being professional can also make you sound a little difficult to approach and that is something you should avoid.
In order to overcome that issue, you should pay attention to the words you use in your chatbot scripts. One of the best ways to be polite is to use certain phrases and words which will help you appear nice yet keep your professional tone. Some of these are the following:
Welcome to our website!
How can I help you today?
Would you need any assistance?
All of these types of sentences can help you show real interest in helping your customers and being polite without having to lose your professionalism along the way.
Another important thing you need to keep in mind in regards to your written content is to make sure that you are using vocabulary that is easy to understand and that your content is free of any spelling and grammar mistakes. You can use a variety of online proofreading and editing tools and services such as Grammarly, TrustMyPaper and Hemmingway Editor in order to make sure that the quality of your written content is always the best.

Make sure the conversation sounds natural
While you know that you are using chatbots in order to answer any questions your customers might have on your websites, your customers don’t always necessarily know that. There is a good element combined with them thinking that they are talking to a live person and this is something you can achieve simply by making your chatbots scripts sound a lot more natural.
The best thing you can do in order to achieve this is to take actual conversations as an example and write your scripts based on them. You can use words and phrases which show a pause and a thinking process such as “I checked this for you and…” or “Let me get a second opinion on…”
Such simple phrases can help make the conversation seem a lot more natural and the customer will feel appreciated if they think that a real-life person took the time to search for a solution to their problems.

Prepare varied responses
When having a conversation with someone, you expect them to have different responses to whatever you ask them. The simplest example can come through how someone would say something as simple as the word “yes” to someone else. They could say they agree, that the other person is correct, and use a variety of phrases to essentially say the same thing.
This might not sound as important, but it will really help you get that more natural type of script for your chatbot and it will allow your customers to feel understood.
Chatbots might help save time and money but they could also drive customers away if they realize they are not getting any actual help from your staff. Natural and well-prepared responses will always work in any company’s advantage.

Use emojis wisely
In the past, emojis used to be something that most companies would stay away from in their responses so that they wouldn’t appear unprofessional. In our day and time and always depending on the company you are running, emojis can be a great way for your customers to feel more familiar with the “person” or rather the bot they are talking to.
Emojis can help give a personal touch to the scripted message and make it sound a lot more natural and friendly. Of course, you still don’t want to overuse emojis as it can still affect the outcome of a sentence. Try and incorporate them at the ending or the beginning of a conversation where the bot will be greeting the customer and this will be a much more effective tactic.

Be mindful of the length of the messages
Another thing you need to take into consideration is the length of the messages you are creating for your chatbot script. Depending on the answer you wish to offer to a certain question, you should make sure that it is not too lengthy and hard to follow by your customers.
Your replies to your customers should always be shorter in length. Even if you managed to fully analyze the issue in a large paragraph, smaller ones will be much easier to go through and understand, and if anything isn’t made clear to them, they can easily focus on just one message rather than the entire text.

Track your message pacing
Something you might not have thought of just yet is the pace in which your bot replies to your customers in the chat. Humans can only type so fast, yet robots can produce thousands of words in a matter of seconds.
If you wish to keep your chatbot replies looking natural, you will have to pay attention to the speed at which your bots reply to the customers that come in contact with them on your website.

Creating chatbot scripts has never been easier
While you might have had your doubts about this process, these tips will certainly help you get a better understanding of the basics of chatbot script creation and they will allow you to get started on writing your very own scripts in no time.
Chatbots can help you save money and time in the long run and they can be just as effective as regular staff members, as long as they are optimized carefully enough to resemble a natural style of speaking.
Which of these tips are you looking forward to trying in your own chatbot script writing process?

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