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Many companies, whether large, medium or small, may in some cases find themselves in complicated situations when the balance sheet is not adequate. This may be due to many cases, either external or internal to the company, such as mismanagement in decision making or even lack of communication between customers and the company itself.

This lack of communication can occur on different occasions, presenting negative results, and still, many companies do not take into account that one of the most important factors for the proper development of the same is the internal and external communication they offer.
“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
James C. Humes

The internal communication of the company is that which takes place between and with the employees. To manage this, you can carry out an internal communication plan that serves as a route to manage these communications.
Employees must always be informed of the organisation’s objectives, they must be invited to take part in certain decisions at certain times and they must be allowed to take measures in accordance with circumstances, reality or changes, among other things.

All this is important so that they feel part of the company’s actions and know the processes well.

There are many ways to carry out these activities, such as sending internal bulletins, informative e-mails or even talks and conventions to which they may be invited.
Do not forget that the soul of the company is the human team that composes it, that if employees are not satisfied and happy, the performance will not be good and, in addition, can generate negative comments to the outside.

On the other hand, external communication shows the image we give to our customers or potential customers.

In order to do this, it is important to select the channels through which the company is made known and the message it transmits. Do not forget to publicize the values of it, as increasingly people feel more identified with brands, and so with companies. This is beneficial in order to create a greater customer-company bond.

Many times, businesses make mistakes such as not communicating about changes, not selecting the right media or lying to promote themselves. Don’t forget that when you talk about external communication, you also talk about communication to people, and people like honesty.

You should select well the media through which you want to appear, and not abuse them, thus maintaining a balance. For example, being on LinkedIn, Instagram or even attending fairs and events related to our company are good choices to improve external communication, always taking care of the messages.

Another example of mistakes that companies make is to neglect customer service, such as not managing the calls that are received, often becoming collapsed lines and can not be answered by any agent, which is possibly a loss of customers.

So that this problem does not occur, companies can choose to install PBXs, responsible for distributing and managing incoming calls in order to always be attended and as soon as possible, but this system is becoming obsolete with the new digital era in which we live.

In this way, the the call center software takes off. It is a system that offers many advantages and that allows you to manage your calls from anywhere and with multiple functionalities. Among others, employees will be able to work online, from anywhere, since all they need is an Internet connection. This action, in addition to promoting teleworking, allows you to be at the service of your customers at all times, with the option of introducing voicemails or queues, etc..

This cloud contact center system is hosted 100% in the cloud, so it also helps many companies to save on installation costs, as it does not require any physical device.

This cloud system is thanks to the new software created by Google, the WebRTC, which allows you to do this type of work online, from any device connected to the Internet and always with HD quality.

In short, if you want to make business profits, business communication, either internally or externally, it is very important to take care of it and not forget it, as it will be the image that the company itself will give to the outside.

Vijith Sivadasan

Written By Vijith Sivadasan

An enterprising visionary and a serial entrepreneur, Vijith is driven by instinct in his pursuit for creative excellence. Passionate about transformational marketing strategies, he enunciates the critical need of analytic skills to maximize business potential. To know more on how he can add value to your business, drop him a line at

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