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The purchase and sale, marketing and distribution of products and services via the Internet are what we know as e-commerce. Currently, there are more and more clients who do their shopping online. However, many people have not decided yet to start doing that due to the lack of trust or closeness with the e-commerce company.

Thanks to different tools that have been developed by the telecom sector, you can put an end to this problem since those tools allow the potential clients to feel more comfortable with the idea of purchasing products and services through the Internet. In addition, the advances in the telecommunications offer the companies the possibility of offering their products or services online in a more efficient way and without the need of making large investments. For that reason, there are more and more businesses that decide to get started offering the product on their website, without having a physical shop. However, if your company decide to operate as e-commerce, you need to keep in mind some aspects, which are not that essentials in case of a physical shop, such as keeping your website updated and attractive so it can gain the maximum number of visitors.

The e-commerce offers a huge variety of possibilities for both, buyers and sellers, as well as a great number of benefits, but there are also some disadvantages: the lack of direct contact between the company and the client. The customer service is key to the success of the e-commerce since many clients or potential clients have doubts that are not solved on the website. It is fundamental that the companies offer optimized customer service and that way solve their problems and doubts.

There are several options we have to stay in touch with our clients, and if we want to have complete customer service, we should not neglect any of them.

The first one is, of course, the email. Its main advantage is that you do not have to pay anything to use it and you can have as many different accounts you want. That gives you the possibility to divide the inquires according to the topic or language. That way, you can have one account for general questions, another account for after-sales support, and so on. However, having the email as the only mean of contact is not enough. It is good for easy questions that not require a lot of explication, or for sending the general information about the company, but it is a quite slow way of communication, and it is harder to keep a conversation.

Another useful tool we can use to stay in touch with our customers is the chat. It is a recent trend in customer service. Here there are two possibilities: chatbot and live chat. A chatbot is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to respond automatically to the clients. It improves the efficiency of the company since your employees do not have to waste their time on answering general questions and use it to do tasks that add value to your business. However, when the questions become more complicated, it will be passed on to the live chat with a human employee.

To complete our customer service, we cannot forget about the phone communication. There are still a lot of customers who prefer to talk with the company on the phone rather than texting, and sometimes, especially if you sell technological products or services, it is just easier to explain it on the phone. For that, the best solution is a virtual call center software, which allows you to make and receive calls in the most efficient and productive way from any place and any device you want.

The combination of all of the technological advances from the telecom sector will lead your e-commerce to the success, enjoying all the benefits the online business can bring you, and at the same time making that your clients feel closer to you and receive the best attention possible.

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