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Digital marketing today has become very significant for businesses, marketers, and even those who have been greatly attached and committed to traditional marketing. Aside from being an opportunity for growth to many companies worldwide, digital marketing is also known for how cost-effective it is as compared to traditional marketing. But first, what is digital marketing anyway?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing strategy or effort, which uses electronic devices and the Internet. Today, many businesses use multiple digital channels such as search engines, emails, social media, and other webpages to connect and update with current customers as well as prospects. According to Carl Ocab, digital marketing is indeed an effective way to reach more audience and grow your business.

As businesses aim to achieve higher conversion rates, digital marketing just keeps getting more relevant. Why is that? It’s mainly because digital marketing efforts lead to an increase and improvement in a business’ conversion rate. Basically, digital marketing generates better income. On top of all that, it also helps facilitate your interaction and engagement with your target audience, customers, and prospects.

Want to become more effective in the field of digital marketing? Below is a list of top digital marketing tools you need in 2019:


Having a hard time managing all three or four of your social media profiles? Don’t worry because there’s a specific digital marketing tool for that!

AgoraPulse is a digital and social media marketing tool used to manage all your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Not only that, but you can also schedule postings through it so that your posts go live at a time when most, if not all, of your followers, are online. AgoraPulse also allows you to measure your social media activities and engage and interact with your followers through quizzes and competitions.


Traackr is an influencer [digital] marketing platform or tool, which allows you to look for influencers, do background checks, and an analysis of their social media activities, interests, and connections.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective and fastest-growing marketing strategies today as it helps businesses manage and maintain their ties with these influencers. Aside from that, it’s also one way of reaching out, driving awareness, and promoting brands, products, and services that can possibly lead to further customer conversions.

Since influencers are proven as one of the most effective people to market and influence an individual’s [purchasing] decision, that’s just enough reason for businesses to make use of Traackr as it can help manage your business’ relationship with [beneficial] influencers worldwide.

Google Keyword Planner

If you’re a company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), then Google Keyword Planner can be of great help to you!

Google Keyword Planner is a free digital marketing tool that allows you to search for a wide range of keywords and keyword ideas, and eventually examine how these keywords would perform. All these you can use for SEO in websites as well as your Google AdWords campaign.


This tool allows businesses to understand and analyze their website visitors’ behavior as it also provides interesting and informative metrics from the overall website visitor recording, heat, scroll, and click maps. Aside from that, Hotjar also gives users access to collect their feedback polls and surveys as it can help businesses better understand website visitors and their habits or behavior.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most used digital marketing tool. If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t tried using it, then you’re missing quite a lot of opportunities.

This comprehensive online platform or tool allows marketers to access different reports containing information about users, where they come from, their habits and behavior, and which of your marketing channels are more effective in regards to leads, conversions, sales, and a lot more.


What’s the best way to avoid losing your company’s data? Use cloud storage where you can import files and documents online.

pCloud is known for its cloud storage features, which allows you to organize and file all your documents into folders and access them across multiple devices. Also, you can authorize other people to access these files and documents so you both can work on projects and backup information. Today, a lot of digital marketing businesses use cloud storage such as pCloud to file projects and allow collaboration among team members. 


ConvertKit is a simple and easy-to-use digital marketing tool, which allows businesses to grow and convert online audiences into customers. This tool provides templates for sign-up forms and landing pages, allowing companies to obtain leads and send converting emails, which can eventually help convert their audiences or prospects into customers.


Ahrefs is one of many marketers’ top favorite digital marketing tools mainly because of its versatility and comprehensiveness. This tool helps businesses accelerate your website traffic as it has data for over 150 million keywords in the United States with a lot more for other countries.

Ahrefs allows you to check those who are linking to your competitors, their top pages, and a whole lot more. With Ahrefs, you can view websites where their content ranks and identify weaknesses in regards to your content areas. Additionally, Ahrefs features a “top pages” function where you can see which websites get more traffic while also viewing your competitors’ website and visitor count.

Wrapping Up

While digital marketing comes easy to understand, there are still a few skills marketers need to learn and develop as well as tools to utilize in order to become a more effective [digital] marketer. As more digital marketing tools emerge in the market today, businesses better make use of these to their advantage in order to accelerate or increase customer conversion rates, improve customer experience and ROI.

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