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The New York Times says we are entering a post-text world. Very soon, multimedia will dominate every channel. Writing for communicating with your audience is going out style very quickly. 

To stay in business, you must ace your marketing game. This might mean reinventing your digital strategy. If you do video marketing, there are so many ways to use it for growing your business. Where do you start? Here are eight types of video marketing to use for expanding your business.

1. Product videos

Source: Practical Ecommerce

If you sell a product or service, create product videos. It’s a great opportunity to show the features and benefits of your product. While you do that, you will also be engaging your audience. Product videos are beneficial for raising product awareness. It offers a comprehensive explanation of your product. Very recently, I saw a video about Cablevision plans. It was walking the viewer through the cable TV packages and their features. It was a simplified way of introducing your products. 

2.  Branded videos

Branded videos are a way of introducing yourself to your viewers. You create a brand story, rave about the core values of your business and convince the viewers that your brand is worth their time. 

Use animation for creating brand videos and make them creative. The visual and emotional stimulation in the video will leave your viewers in a good mood. Keep the videos short, fun, and unique. 

3. Explainer videos 

Source: UnboundB2B

As the name implies, these videos explain the subject at hand. They could be about anything – helpful tips, showing how to solve a problem and more.

Step-by-step instructional videos perform well. They don’t just establish authority for your brand but capture the important hack or how-to procedure the user entered in their search results. 

Informational queries are common as compared to queries related to buying a product. That means from a search perspective, explainer videos are likely to get viewed the most. Such videos don’t just outwardly promote your product or service. They offer help to your audience first and then introduce them to your brand. 

4. Company culture videos 

Culture videos are a great way of giving your customers a sense of your organizational values, mission, vision, and team members. Videos like these highlight the strengths of your company. They come a long way in building brand loyalty. 

5. Event videos

Social media platforms have provided us with the opportunity to showcase organizational events in different formats. For instance, with Facebook Live, you can broadcast the entire event in real-time. Similarly, Instagram stories let you share small snippets of your events. You can make it fun by adding filters, stickers, and geotags.

Users continuously check social media for updates from friends, family and the pages they have liked. Event videos will keep them hooked. Facebook live brings 10 times more engagement than regular videos. 

Create videos to show behind-scenes of the event. Let your viewers connect with such content. Even the ones who are attending the event can get the inside scoops with such videos.

6. Testimonial videos

Source: Open Face Media

It is one thing to share explainer videos about your product. It’s a far different thing to let someone else rave about it. Vendasta says that “68 % of positive reviews make customers trust a local business more than any other.”  

When a potential buyer hears someone else talking highly of your product or brand, they are likely to trust you more. Now the key lies in gathering testimonials from real buyers. The best time to acquire them is during in-store events and tradeshows. You will find lots of excited attendees eager to share their experience with your product or service. You can also reach out to happy and recurring customers for testimonials. In a way, customer testimonials can help you grow your business on a larger scale and in various ways.

7. Thanksgiving videos 

Customers play a vital role in the overall success of your brand. Therefore, they deserve to be thanked. It makes them feel special. They will come back to your business and might as well introduce it to others.

Spend some time creating a personal video for reaching out to your clients. You can send such a video via email to each customer or share it on social media.

8. Promotional videos 

In business, you might need to create promotional videos from time to time. They are like personal video invitations. They work wonders for inviting guests to a webinar, conference, and for pitching a product. It gives the audience a feel for your brand.

When the NBA season hits, you will see videos of cable TVs promoting their sports packages. It’s a great strategy to bring CTA. I happened to subscribe to the Optimum sports package after watching one of such videos. When creating such a video, give a brief yet detailed overview of the event you are promoting. At the end of the video, add a subtle call to action to encourage them for signing up or saving the date. The goal is to prompt viewers to take action. 

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