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The year 2016 saw a rise in video promotions by various brands & products.  Corporates too found this medium to be more responsive and are increasingly opting for this visually engaging medium.  Explainer videos have indeed been the welcome change in marketing promotions – subtly influencing preference and decisions of key stakeholders, be it investors, employees, customers or others with corporate films that walk a customer through their array of services, locations, work culture and more.   Still, though conventional organisations have always preferred the good old offline communique, isn’t it time to step out and maximise your digital presence with a catchy video?  And how do you go about picking a style for your Video?   With Technology propelling us to heights we could never have imagined, the animation game has also stepped up!  There are tons of formats to chose from: whiteboard animation, cutout animation, cartoon animation. screen grab animation.. and the list goes on!   Looking for the right Video that suits your style.. Here are a couple of styles to choose from:


Animated Jingle / Animated Music Video / Animated Advertisement:  Love the cute adverts that have an animated character singing their way into children’s hearts?  This is it!  The key element in this sort of videos is the script, followed by kinetic typography as required.


Animated Stick Figures:  As kids we drew pleasure in the simpler things in life.. even sketching out stick figures!  The enigma of something as rustic as a stick figure capturing our imagination works when we want to concentrate on the messaging other than engaging visuals.


Animated Infographic:  This video format will put to rest all concerns you may have about presenting analytics at any forum.  Boardroom presentations can be a bit dry, but when you are presenting the numbers to other stakeholders, it needs to be engaging.  Filled with stats and facts, the right voiceover will ensure that people don’t lose interest in the numbers being presented.


Cartoon Animation:   We believe that this is one of the most preferred options to present an exciting, fun storyboard – Cartoon Animation brings in the boost of colours, humor and background score / sound effects, supported by well planned and designed characters. Engaging audiences with its pace, this is the video format preferred by brands and entrepreneurs alike, thanks to its crisp yet catchy presentation.


Cutout Animation:  Elegant and simple, this is not very distracting in terms of animation and allows the audience to take cognisance of the messaging.  This is suggested for people trying to spread awareness or explain facts and figures without too many characters or colours.


Digital Cutout Animation:   If you felt that the cutout animation was what you preferred but it needed to be a little more feature rich, this is the way to go.  The digital cutout animation can address the key action areas and fill the void that the cutout style presents.


Kinetic Typography Animation:  Direct messaging on your mind?  Try Kinetic Typography Animation – the perfect blend of messaging and animation with background score.  The idea of these kind of videos is to help mould the audiences’ train of thought.


Live Action + Animation:  The right mix with live action and animation helps people connect on a multitude of levels.  These formats of videos promise to be engaging but there indeed is a fine line between not managing the edits and crossovers well!


Motion Graphic Animation:  Videos that present their messaging through simple animated graphics ensure that the constant movement is engaging along with the explanation, no matter how complicated or easy it may be.


Screen Capture:  Used commonly for videos on troubleshooting, tutorials or to explain use of certain websites or apps, an animated version of the product is showcased, to help the audience understand how to use the website or app.


Stop Motion Animation:  With step by step photography, any character prepared for this format of video, makes subtle movements till the storyboard has been presented vide the images being stacked up in the right flow.


Whiteboard Animation: Usually in black & white, the illustrations in whiteboard animation features the artist creating images on a clear screen – and it can be used to portray just about anything.


Of course there are several more video formats to pick from, and numerous mix and match options that may work based on the concept and storyboard.  But what can help you bring your vision to the screen with a well developed video is the support of a video development team with oodles of experience and expertise!  So drop us a line at to know more about the video that works best for you, within your budget!   For further details log on to

Supriya Balan Kuniyil

Written By Supriya Balan Kuniyil

A MARCOMM Professional with over 14 years of experience in various aspects of branding & communication, Supriya works to build & add brand value on the digital platform through strategized communication, contextual ideation & timely implementation. She can be reached at

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