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Quantum computing is getting ambitious. Everything has to surpass jet speed. It works in a totally different way from a classical computer. Quantum bits or ‘qbits’ can exist in a state of both zero and one simultaneously. So, the amount of information stored in N qubits is two to the power of N classical bits. Imagine the speed at which it can process data. Exponential!

In an effort to dish out quality deliverables, quantum computing is creating unshackled platforms that break potentially the toughest codes in mainstream encryption strategies to increase processor speeds. These engineers, researchers and scientists focus on core principles of business implementations using state-of-the-art web-based applications to permeate into every field they can get their hands on. But, ‘Digital Gurus’ are predicting that there will come a time, where bypassing critical encryption code systems could potentially put digital platforms in grave danger of being compromised by hackers.

E-Commerce is driving quantum computing system towards digital immortality. With robust products that provide multi-company support, imports from other apps and multi-user and groups platforms, it is harnessing innovative solutions to leverage vertical support.

Through resource alliance footprints and client testimonials they are socializing the concept to maximize visibility. Quantum computing can be applied to any platform using machines, mobile apps, high availability cluster servers and cloud networks. At the cost of speed, no hardware will be spared. They are also inching in on sectors of realty, NGO, travel, hospitality and other soft services. A wide range of government and non-governmental uses have been taken into account by the network designers with the awareness, that internet will be commercialized. They have the potential to harness digital media to catapult business applications.

Potential Security Threat

Ethical issues emanating from them are important and require immediate attention to these design-based solutions. The alliance of quantum computing with myriad digital platforms does not mean cybersecurity is no threat and is ready to go mainstream.  It is far from a secure comfort zone. Inbuilt codes hopping through thousands of digital hardware at lightning speeds, bypassing encrypted codes and loops, are in a rush without meaningful cyber-security infrastructure in place.

We must create a sense of awareness to this generation. Diving into multiple technological landscapes to plan and code without the perspective of security in the technical design is equivalent to digital suicide. It will become an open gate for hackers to hop and loop through the algorithms.

The next generation of computing solution will face thorny paths of security. And it will be our responsibility to groom them to create a digital world of tomorrow without any fear of being compromised. Policies must be framed for designers to work on design discourses offering a conceptual foundation to address these ethical dilemmas. Network fairness and etiquettes guidelines must be defined and followed.

Internet designers are aware that this model will become susceptible to naughty or diabolical players, however not enough focus is being stressed on social, private, legal and technical matters in this respect. If immediate remedial measures are not factored in, this giant could potentially bring a day where encryption stands helpless, and a free gate pass is given for hackers to run amuck.




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