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While most of the world has gotten cozy with browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, and the reigning Internet Explorer – you’d be rather surprised that there also exists a breed of obscure web browsers that will guarantee some hair raising experiences.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the most appalling browsers on the web that yes, you might never choose to use.


SpaceTime 3D

This rather impractical browser was launched about 6 years ago at the much sought after CES tradeshow. Its leading selling point was that it would allow users to view more than one thumbnail for your search results. This would thus, allow you to preview potential pages even before you click on them.


This feature was introduced when Google Chrome was yet to offer such a service. When put in practice, the browser is rather demanding from a quintessential PC. The slick interface loses face in front of the slow speeds. However, on the plus side, it is possible for users to search YouTube, Google and Wikipedia within the existing browser without having to download a dedicated 3D browser.





A rather mushy cocktail of The Sims, Netscape Navigation and Second Life and you will find the 3B rather confusing to use or entirely pointless.

The objective of this browser is rather obscure – with the only point of fascination being a chance to explore the internet through a 3D environment. Once the novelty of this feature wears off, (that is if you happened to figure out how to use it in the first place) 3B is nothing but a badly executing web access platform.




If you wish to surf the World Wide Web but only have a text based terminal handy, Retawq is designed for you. How major applications and websites would work on a format that is ASCII exclusive remains an unanswered question. Furthermore, finding a user enthusiastic enough to use this browser over conventional ones may also be a challenge.

This browser is also available on the Nintendo DS, furthermore added layers of problems to experiencing various applications properly. While this browser poses some use, it would be next to impossible to display pixel rich content on this platform.




It is rather unfair to put this platform under the browser category. Much rather a plugin, this Mozilla Firefox-enabled program intends to take out the entire task of internet browsing. Created for a rather invisible group of users who are too lazy to even select a website to visit, this automated tool infinitely clicks through links on websites for users to access. While this may have its use in the software testing arena, this channel surfing experience doesn’t really work well for the web.


In addition to this, platforms such as XeroBank and Rockmelt also offer its fair share of laughs for people who know a bad browser from a really bad one.

Iswarya Rajagopalan

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