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Word travels faster than light these days over the web. Customers today are picky, edgy and vocal about it too. Combine them both and you have a combination which can make or break your business in minutes. When such is the case, is it wise to go for automation in customer service? Let us help you decide by outlining reasons that say yes, this is going to be the future.

  1. 24X7X365: Automated customer service doesn’t require mandatory holidays and sick leaves and can be always-on. This means your customers can get their issues resolved round the clock and all days of the week which can be an influencing factor in preventing customer churn.
  2. Cut the training costs: Most of the times than not customer issues are a repetition of what has already been dealt with and will with deal time and again. Training turns out to be one of the costliest investments a company can make and the costs and time can escalate quickly with attrition which is a common problem in every industry these days. A chatbot can offer huge saving in terms of cost and time. When there is a process change, you just have to reconfigure it rather than spending time and money again on training. It might not completely do away your employees at BPO but it can free most of their time for unique, more complex and creative tasks for a great customer experience.
  3. Proactive Resolutions: Automated AI can be wired to monitor and locate customer issues with their ability to scan umpteen number of websites and apps. The ability to locate a issue before it explodes can influence customer experience and satisfaction.
  4. Message, Voice, Email, Chat: Automated customer service is not constrained by the medium of contact. You can have your messaging, email, voice or chat automated. Give it to them in the way they find it most comfortable.
  5. Personalised yet impersonal: The AI automation can generate data that can help develop a viable process to deliver personalized recommendations based on past purchases, dynamic content based on browsing habits and age group. Yet, these chatbots are free from bias and prejudice that afflicts its human counterpart. They don’t get angry when a customer shouts at them and don’t take matter in to their own hands to deliver a unintentional negative impression.
  6. Customer Self-service: The chatbots can be started with what you think as the most important issues handled by your customer service agent and let customers do the work. As they continue to ask questions, you can make your AI smarter with each experience.
  7. Speed with Scalability: When there is a surge in customer calls, service agents run out of bandwidth and queries go unanswered. Chatbots can be made to respond in these situations by switching on an additional server. Yes, it’s as simple as that and it is easy to switch-on customer response in a new geography with the local language.
  8. Better Response Time: Your chatbots can cut the response times and reduce the waiting time of customers in queues.

The customer service agent is the face of your company. When things are done right, they are building long lasting relationships and loyalty. Relationships is a human thing but with AI and deep learning, chatbots do create an opportunity for you to build better relationships with your customers.

Vijith Sivadasan

Written By Vijith Sivadasan

An enterprising visionary and a serial entrepreneur, Vijith is driven by instinct in his pursuit for creative excellence. Passionate about transformational marketing strategies, he enunciates the critical need of analytic skills to maximize business potential. To know more on how he can add value to your business, drop him a line at

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