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AI-generated customer experience that surpasses your wildest dreams?

Is that even possible?

Digitalization set up new goals for brands and businesses. Now, MarketingGeeks show that a highly automated customer experience that saves time and money is not only a distinct possibility but a trend that is bound to become the standard in the next few years. AI and machine learning systems are already permeating the world of online retail, banking, and healthcare.

Online retail customers had 34% acceptance rate of chatbots in 2017, while in healthcare 27% were happy to have smart digital assistants. When you throw VR systems, it can provide a highly personalized customer experience.

AI Customer Experience

We use term chatbots to describe an automated software that has narrow artificial intelligence, i.e. can excel in the task it is designed for. Namely, chatbots interact with customers and help them with troubleshooting, shopping, guidance, etc. In some cases, chatbots are preferred by the end users because they are fast and to the point, and in others the users have no idea that they are chatting with a bot.

Just a few years ago this seemed almost impossible.

How could a software talk to a person better than a real human being?

The truth is that it can create a perfect illusion of chatting with a real person. Sophisticated AIs create a more realistic experience.

In the world of online retail, a big company can get about thousands of queries per hour. Most of them include simple questions about shipping locations, payments systems, or return policies. Using AI, language recognition and machine learning systems, chatbots can scan through FAQ database, and thousands, even millions previous queries and find answers instantly.

This saves time, as chatbots react with the speed of electricity. A robust chatbot solution also frees up resources as the business deploying it can direct valuable human resources toward more meaningful tasks than answering simple queries.

But that’s not all.
Human Interaction In Combination With AI Gives The Best CX

There are advanced systems of voice analysis that can interpret human emotions through speech processing software. This means that robot can figure out if you feel agitated or need help urgently. However, it’s crucial to have a human customer support agent available when needed, because it’s still highly unlikely that robots can use complicated sentences, sarcasm, and wordplay.

Using natural language programming, support agents can add tags to words and phrases, to help future predictions and machine learning. This type of AI is costly but it pays off over time, as the automated system becomes better versed in recognizing patterns and the complexities of real human interaction.
AR Personal Experience
Along with quickness and agility the get from AI customer support, users also crave more information and personal shopping experience.

It was hard to create immersive online shopping experience until businesses started using Augmented Reality. With AR it is possible to show products in 3D, even help users picture themselves using or wearing a certain item. Businesses have started to create VR and AR marketing campaigns to augment customers’ reality.

In the same manner AI skyrockets the promptness of customer support, AR customizes the entire experience to individual needs.

Innovative, cutting-edge and time-saving, new AR customer experience gives users what they are longing for. All they need is a smartphone with VR system. Customers can shop, do their banking, go sightseeing, or rent a house from the comfort of their chair. With augmented reality gear, customers can attend a virtual open house and experience firsthand how their potential future home looks like.

That means they can just go and buy it next time they see it.

Combining augmented reality with augmented, personalized AI can deliver a fully customized, unique interaction that appeals to all (OK, most) senses and leaves an unforgettable impression. An impression that reacts to your actions, commands and even moods to shape an experience that transcends simple shopping.

That is the future of customer experience.

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