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The buzz words AI(Artificial Intelligence), Big Data and ML(Machine Learning) opened new doors for businesses to make informed decisions and improve customer experience. We take a rear view at some of them today.


Uber sits between drivers on one side and riders on the other. So for creating an efficient market place Machine Learning has been infused in to their DNA from the beginning. Uber gathers data from millions of trips and build models to estimate the time it takes for a cab to reach the rider at any given day and time. Uber also improves pickup experience using ML by suggesting the user a better pickup location in case of restrictions in the location. The charges to be paid for a trip depending on demand, the shortest possible route, traffic conditions, personalized discounts can be added to the list too. Uber even has models detecting fraudulent behaviour such as usage of stolen credit cards, detecting high fraud-risk driver partners.

Uber Eats has not only the classical information on distance between the restaurant and the person ordered but also the time taken to prepare every dish, the traffic scenario at different times on different days. By knowing when the restaurant started the preparation of the meal, machine learning models gives an accurate estimated time of delivery.

Amazon Go:

While online shopping has peaked up, there are still customers who like the idea of going to a store and seeing/trying the merchandise. The idea of Amazon Go is to weave this experience with no checkout lanes and no bill counters using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Vision Technology. A customer opens the Amazon Go app on their smart phone and keeps it in his pocket. Now the app can detect every product and add the cost to your bill. If the customer replaces the product back on shelf, the cost of the same will be deducted from the bill. Once the shopping is done, the customer can leave the store and the bill will be charged to customer’s Amazon card.


Facebook is building its business by learning about its users using ML, AI and packaging the data for advertiser’s use. Facebook uses its tool called DeepText to extract meaning from the posts of its users. The tool learns the meaning of the word depending on the words around it and can be easily used to work with different languages. This has been helpful in directing people towards products/services they may want to purchase based on conversations. Facebook also finds out as much as it can about us and cluster us in to groups based on data to promote ads in most insightful ways. Facebook uses DeepFace to recognize people in photos and compare different images to find if they are of the same person. The feature to describe images to visually challenged persons is being worked on. The icing on this AI & ML cake is that Facebook uses AI and ML to suggest processes for improvement and pinpoint opportunities for efficiency.

Natural Language Processing, Speech recognition, Speech translation real-time and image recognition has paved way for many more applications in the present world such as health diagnosis, fraud detection, predictive analysis, better gaming experience and personalization. Let’s see where this road is going in 2018.

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