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Content to woo your customers

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Content is the king. This overused metaphor has led to a frenzy of articles, blogs, posts, videos, presentations, white papers, infographics, tweets and what not. Have you ever come across a blog with great information but with paltry followers? What could have gone wrong? In the marketing world, thousands of… Read More

The Evolving Scene Of the Mobile Creative

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While more and more consumers are shifting to mobile, the art of mobile advertising is still using Jurassic concepts such as banner ads, a format that s known to only marginally support advertising campaigns. However, the storyline is significantly changing now. Today’s, is a market that has evolved from being… Read More
Owning a company page on LinkedIn has come of age. Not only are businesses using it to reach out to potential partners and employees, but also, use it to share relevant information and marketing material. With the latest publishing tools, not everyone can find a voice on LinkedIn. Today, this… Read More
Names matter. A name is one thing you should get right, right from the start. Considering how much time your parents must have spent deciding upon your name, names of people and yes, products are pretty much - hard to decide. So what really comes in mind when you think… Read More

7 Steps For Measuring ROI On Social Media

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When businesses want to take a flight on wheels ontight marketing budgets, with a vision of high ROI, then what works best for them is a right strategy with carefully planned steps.   This blog ensures you a high ROI on social media strategy by guiding you on how to… Read More
I was watching a group of children playing a game of colors. Once the catcher named a color and the rest were running to find any object of that color to touch. The one who gets caught before touching any object of that color becomes the catcher of the next… Read More
Credit Card
A few years ago, MasterCard floated the idea of web based ad targeting by using an individual’s credit card purchase history as the source of marketing communication customization. However, the company later chose to shelve the idea citing regulatory issues that dictate how financial service providers are permitted to handle… Read More
Axel Balakrishnan

Axel is a co-founder of Codelattice and heads the MARCOMM unit. Perfection in creativity is his motto. He frequently blogs his thoughts on Branding, social media, strategy and Marketing. You can connect with him through