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The United States is a country that has recorded some of the worst disasters around the world, with some of them killing a significant number of individuals and damaging properties. It is common for homes to be destroyed by a tsunami or winds resulting from tsunamis. Other natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes have damaged structures previously, causing an area to lack in either commercial or residential structure. In the wake of all these disasters, there has been no clear framework about how the government would respond and bring most of the chaotic scenes to normalcy.

The Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) is always at the center of every disaster in the country where it tries to help as many individuals as possible while at the same time saving their properties. The problem is that the government does not intervene to support through other bodies such as the army or any other source of assistance. It is only through FEMA that people affected by severe natural disasters can benefit. Nevertheless, other private organizations such as the Red Cross can assist people in an emergency as the government resources channeled through FEMA never seem to be enough.

Saving people from the disaster has been a severe challenge, but the rebuilding process seems to be one of the hardest. People don’t have the necessary resources to build new structures. Their old structures, including some of their precious assets, have all been destroyed while others are drawn. To help victims of Hurricane Harvey rebuild their lives, the government, through FEMA, advertised proposals for building structures that would help these victims to at least have somewhere to begin their lives before they can gain stability and be independent. Among many projects that were issued, one was awarded to a small company, Green Structure Homes, based in Alabama, which entailed building structures to house the victims.

Green Structures Homes, mostly referred to as GSH, is an organization that was started by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes that offers a spectrum of solutions to some of the disasters facing individuals in the United States. The company received an award to build structures that will help host the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. One wonders, why would a small company outperform traditional multinational companies and in such a lucrative award? However, the technology used in building structures by GSM could have played a significant role in this.

Green Structure Homes uses state of the art technology and design to build structures, which are temporarily based, to a broad spectrum of clients, including the military. Barbara Stokes has an extensive network of senior individuals in government and understands how the system works. She probably gained this insight after working for Boeing for a significant period before deciding to form her own company. It is through these networks that GSH has been able to work with various government agencies such as the Missile Defense Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Department of State among others.

Green Structure Homes has now been registered as a government contractor and will be offering significant support in the provision of structures in case of disasters. The customized structures will be used by the victims of disaster and other areas when the need arises. However, due to the technology used in making these structures, some of them have already found themselves in commercial zones, military bases, and residential areas. The success of the organization can highly be attributed to a group of the talented design team that understands how to make customized homes. One of the outstanding features of the temporary home build by Green Structure Housing is the fire safety technology that suppresses fires hence preventing the units from burning.


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