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The way the world operates has changed drastically over the past decade, thanks to mobile devices and high-speed internet connection. Employees, customers and other business stakeholders are always on the go and expect a great flexibility in their work and personal lives. To support the way your business stakeholders work and live, AWS is building services that help you meet the demands of workforce, customers, partners, vendors and others.

Alexa for business: An employee in upper management spends 50% of his/her time in meetings whereas one in middle management spends nearly 35% of the time. Imagine the time required to do the tedious tasks of managing meetings, arranging the conference room and searching for the information needed to manage these meetings. Alexa can now your employees to manage their schedule, keep track of their immediate tasks at hand and set reminders. Alexa can help them to dial automatically in to conference calls and make calls for them. Alexa can also help them prepare for the meeting by fetching data like inventory levels, sales data, etc.

As the world is becoming more digital and mobile, our conference rooms are becoming more complex with a lot of equipment. As a result setting up the conference room for a meeting has become a chore which takes time when it is already short. Alexa can simplify the task for your employees by allowing them to use their voice to start meetings and control the conference room settings.

Alexa can also help your employees around the office by providing directions, ordering new supplies, reporting building problems and notify IT of an issue. Alexa can help your employees throughout the day and help them stay focused on important tasks.

Amazon Chime: Amazon Chime makes your online meetings effortless by letting the meeting call you on-time and allows for easy join-in with a single click. It can let you notify if you are late or unable to attend. It takes your meetings anywhere with applications available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. You can mute background noise or switch between devices in the middle of the meeting.

Amazon Chime allows for efficient meetings by enabling you to chat, call, share a screen, and invite more people, all in the same application. It can also be integrated with Alexa for Business to enable start and control of meetings with just your voice.

Amazon WorkDocs: This is the simple solution for storing all files on one service and users can access their files from any device, online or offline. It is very secure as data is encrypted in transit and maintains regulatory compliance. All collaboration is on one service and users need not keep track of emails, meeting notes, updates, patching software or multiple file versions. Users can access and share files, provide feedback and respond to comments on the go and allows them to stay productive irrespective of the location.

Amazon WorkMail: It is easy to manage corporate email infrastructure with no up-front investments to license and commissioning email servers. It is the simplest solution with no hardware to manage or complex software to install. You have the flexibility of choosing the data locality for storage and synchronize your mailboxes with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone devices without additional software. Your business stakeholders can continue using their existing credentials to connect to Amazon WorkMail if you are currently using on-premises Microsoft Exchange server.  A very secure and cost-effective way to manage business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications.

Make work life simple and help your employees maintain work-life balance with pay as you use, secure services, anytime, anywhere and on any device. What could be a better way to boost your business productivity?


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