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When he was of the age of 5, my son was very interested in anything related to space – Moon, stars, sun, planets, comets, meteors, etc, etc. So, I got him a book on space with very colourful pictures and facts about each heavenly body and such. He was crazy about that book. Since he had yet learn to read, every day he would make me read that book for a minimum of 5-6 times left to right, top to bottom. It was difficult with 1000 other chores that parents only seem to have.

Now we have many great applications for computer generated speech, commonly known as TTS or Text-to-speech which could a boon in such situations. TTS is a rapidly evolving technology. With the advancements in machine learning, computer’s ability to understand text, combine individual sounds in to words and words in to natural sounding sentences has improved drastically. Though there are many technologies available for the same, Amazon Polly provides an edge to extend the reach of your content with its unique features. Entertainment, gaming, e-learning, telephony, assistive apps & devices, personal assistants, public announcement systems are some of the areas where Polly can help you.

Advantage Polly

  • Life like voices : Amazon Polly provides life-like voices including a wide range of male and female voices with a variety of accents. Polly’s clear pronunciation of text & high-quality output makes it the best choice for your business. Polly is designed to address many challenging aspects of individual sounds to word generation like the pronunciation of “read” in “She read the book yesterday” and “I will read it now”. Polly supports a total of 47 male and female voices across different languages.


  • Ready-to-use: It is easy to add a voice to your website, app or device. You just write the text you want to TTS and Polly immediately returns the speech. Polly doesn’t frighten you lengthy approval process, no lengthy declarations and distribution agreements to sign.


  • Fast Response: Verbal instructions, Spoken directions, real-time user engagements through dialogs require fast response times without any delays in conversation flow. Polly can handle lengthy texts because it returns audio as a stream which can be played immediately. Polly being in a cloud, dynamic spoken responses are handled easily.


  • Royalty Free Replays: Polly allows unlimited replays without any additional fees and extend to offline use as well.


  • Low Cost: Pay-as-you-go pricing, low cost per character converted and unlimited replays make it a cost effective solution for your business needs


  • Multi-lingual: Polly is available in 24 languages including English, French, Italian, Germans, Dutch, etc with additional languages on the road map.


  • Speech Formats: Polly allows you to create speech files in a variety of standard formats like MP3, OGG and store it in mobiles/IoT (Internet of Things) for offline payback.


  • Speech Effects: Pitch, Tempo, Loudness, whisper are some speech effects which can be used to give an expressive dramatic quality to your characters on screen


  • Speech Marks: Speech Marks allow developers to synchronize speech with their visuals. It can be used to visually highlight read-along experiences, integrate speech capabilities in to gaming and create lip-synching characters.

As business environment gets competitive and complex,

  • luring your customers to your business in novel ways,
  • giving them the best experience
  • choice to experience it in multiple devices and multiple ways
  • the best value-for-money can buy

navigates you to success & customer retention. Polly is a great way to start with. Try it!


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