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For successful business upfront, organizations need to ensure secure & smooth backend operations. What appears as most appealing on the front end might actually be haywire at the backend. Most of the businesses today are experiencing this crisis and are in search of feasible solutions to smartly align & resolve their contingencies and plunge ahead for a better cost-effective tomorrow. So, for all the business leaders and innovators out there who are in search of effective solutions to emerging problems behind the scenes and seeking to improve the productivity of workforces, we bring to you, the one best solution for all your core internal business hassles and that is G-Suite.

As you all know, G-Suite is packed with all the essential elements to run a business successfully. Further, the integrations, tools, storage capacities, and offers it provides to businesses is beyond compare. Today let us dive into the incomparable benefits G Suite offers for businesses. 

Hear from us! Why we use it and recommend it to all of our clients, and why using G-Suite is a great cost-saver for your business?
According to recent reports, Google has announced over six million business customers using their G Suite product so far. The newest version of G-Suite is here with lots of updates and brings in enormous ease & success to your businesses. Here is how?

App Installations:

  1. Get the list of all app installs on Windows 10 devices through Windows device management.
  2. Get insights into when the app was first installed, latest version & publisher info.
  3. Perform data analysis to identify devices that have malicious or untrusted apps. 

Easy Migration:

G Suite Migrate, the new beta version helps your admins to evaluate, design, and transfer massive content directly into G Suite. The feature already supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, file shares, and Box migrations. The launch of this new version facilitates easy migration between G Suite environments. Specifically, you can, 

  • Migrate Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more data.
  • Enables user migration within environments. 
  • Allows specific user data migration of (organizational units, users or data subsets).

Add and Manage Citations:

A new feature is launched to help you add, manage, and format academic citations in Google Docs. Now writing academic content is easy. No extra add-ons or copy citations from other tools are required. 

Digital Whiteboarding Integration in Google Meet:

Google Jamboard & Meet are integrated now. Users can create or open an existing jam while on a Meet video call. The latest integration helps Jamboard users to virtually host collaborative brainstorming sessions with coworkers or students in real-time.

Managing Groups in the Admin Console:

Google Groups for Business enables admin control to create & use this feature within their domains. With the new structure available, users or admins can easily identify & change settings & also note the details like when and by whom settings were changed. 

The Real Benefits of Using G Suite for your Business:

While all those features mentioned above are exceptionally great. Now, it’s time to explore & unleash some of the real benefits of using G Suite for your business.

G-Suite is the perfect application to connect the dots between your investment and outcome. Corporate conglomerates & industry leaders often hire consultants to assess employee productivity, IT operations, and budgets to come up with bottom-line numbers on what kind of gain they can get for the investment they have put in. 

Fortunately, here comes the latest Business Value Calculator from G Suite which is quick, smart & easy to use. As a business leader, you must always keep a check on your expenses & expect clear returns on your investment esp. business tools & software. A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, on behalf of Google declared that G Suite delivers measurable impact in the following four areas.

  • Revenue growth
  • Employee efficiency
  • Risk mitigation
  • IT cost savings

To frame a perfect budget for your investment, here is what you have to do. 

  1. Open the Business Value Calculator. 
  2. Answer a few simple questions about your business like the number of employees, annual profit margin.
  3. Receive a personalized report that contains the details of time-saving and revenue generation you can make by switching to G Suite. 

An amazing activity that can help you invest a dollar value on the benefits of using G Suite.

The more you explore the Business Value Calculator, the better you can unleash the secrets of G Suite that can help you increase revenue, improve employee efficiency, reduce risks, and save a good amount down the way.

Once you get your numbers from the Business Value Calculator, make sure to start your 14-day free G Suite trial to bring those judgments to life.

The Bottom Line:

G-Suite for business is the world’s #1 information, business, and education application that offers a cluster of essential tools to run your business smoothly and effectively. Apart from regular docs, sheets, slides, there is a lot for businesses to take away from G-Suite. From getting your personalized business email to unlimited storage space to enhanced team collaboration to robust data security, cost efficiency and many more await for the aspiring G-Suite users to be. Be it for new businesses or large enterprises, G-Suite offers the best-in-class tools for collaboration, organization, and security. 

To make your business venture easier, hassle-free and cost-saving, Codelattice is here to drive you through the most in-demand G-Suite journey. With just one account, you can make all of Google work for you. An authorized G Suite Partner India and G Suite Partner Mumbai collaborating with businesses to help them reach the next level with G Suite applications. 

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